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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've Got Proof~~Spring is Here

Spring is always a long time coming in Eastern Oregon. We're in a "high desert" area with an average of 9 inches of rain a year and our home is at 4150 feet. So needless to say, we've got a pretty short growing season.

We're low on our water year (as usual), so we haven't had a lot of precipitation lately, but the wind blows, and blows, and blows...yesterday it finally quit!! Amen!

Wind and cold dampens my spirit for riding. My Man and I are working on a plan to build an indoor round pen...but until then, I ride when I can suffer through the cold and try to take advantage of all the good day.

Yesterday was one of those good weather days! After lunch, it was 55 degrees, the sun was shining, and hardly a puff of wind. Colt and I hadn't been to the top of our hill since last fall and that sounded like the perfect thing to do today.

The sunrise to a perfect riding day.

With 3 dogs tagging along running in 3 different directions (they were pretty excited too to be going for a trail ride), Colt and I start the climb. Colt isn't in as good of shape as last fall...we had to take a few breathing stops, but it's so good for him.

I'm really pleased to see a lot of this!
Lil' clumps of green grass coming up everywhere!
It doesn't look like much now, but this grass will grow
2 feet high...we'll lease out the grazing to a neighbor
for his cow/calf pairs.

Making our way to the 4700 foot summit.
BLM land is on the left side of the fence where
we can ride for miles and miles.

The footing was a lil' slick in spots. Just a couple of days ago, there were still snow patches up here. But with the wind blowing the way it does, added with the warmer temps, it drys out real quick. These types of rides for Colt are really good for him because he needs work on his footing. He's just coming 4 this year, and he'll get better with time and experience, but one thing that I don't have to worry about with my mustangs is teaching them to travel.

Now, I admit that Colt is like a gangly teen that trips over his own feet and not all Quarter Horses are that way. Toby was a pretty sure footed colt at that same age. But, what I'm saying is that my mustangs are just so natural at trail riding. It's in their blood to be comfortable with the out of doors, just as Colt loves cows and is more suited for what he was bred for. But, I want Colt to be able to take me anywhere I want to go...with the exception of the Grand Canyon...I'd never trust Colt to take me there!!!

Ahhhh...the top...what a view!!

Colt gets to enjoy a few mouthfuls of grass.
He was puffing pretty hard!

After enjoying the scenery for a while, we started across the ridge to the cow trail that goes down a nice grade. And as we cross the most rocky part of our property, I saw it...and IT made my good day totally excellent!!

The tiniest flash of color caught my eye...
On the barren, rocky ridge where the wind blows like
nobody's business in the

And another one!!
Even some green life along with the yellow life!!
Could anything be prettier? Not this day~~Not for me!

Now, I really can't complain all that much about our winters here...compared toLinda at Just Another Day on the Prairie or Shirley at Ride a Good Horse. Now, they've got some pretty serious winter up there!! So, I'll just be thankful that God showed me a lil' bit of true spring.

We made our way back down the hill, and I worked Colt some in the arena. He even sweated!! I'm sure he's hoping to loose that winter coat ASAP!

Ahhhh the smell of a wet horse...

Everyone's happy at the end of a good day.

~~~Welcome Spring!!~~~
And all the beauty that comes with it.



Kathleen Coy said...

So good to see the signs of Springs renewal, it always does my heart good.

And I would have been puffing after that climb too, lol!

the7msn said...

You realize as soon as those words are spoken, winter comes back and slaps you in the face at least one more time. (Yes, I'm superstitious.) Nice to see you were able to get out and enjoy it while you could.

Broken Y said...

Oh that was a beautiful view! I am huffing and puffing myself, since I am a true flatlander!

Nothing like God saying, "Yoohoo! See! I'm here! As always!"


gtyyup said...

Shhhhhh...quiet 7msn...I only whispered those words!!!

Yea, I remember well the foot and a half of snow we got 3 years ago during this same month!

Shhhhhhh ;~)

mugwump said...

I keep yelling, it's spring, it's spring! We desperately need a few 2 foot blizzards before spring truly arrives.....

Celeste said...

What a great ride and a spectacular view although I am sure Colt was more interested in munching the grass and getting his breath back than looking at the view :) What is that little yellow flower? It looks so delicate to be fighting through in such tough conditions.

Jocelyn said...

Im totally coming over this later spring to go with you on a trail ride.

Would love to live where you live and have access to those trails!

sooooooooo jealous...

Pony Girl said...

Thanks for taking us on that little ride....I'm living vicariously right now! Colt looks great, he's so handsome. I love the smell of a wet horse, too! And I'm also envious of all that BLM land you have to ride on, right in your backyard!

Shirley said...

Well, snow and all, I did manage to get a little trail riding in today- nothing as spectacular as your ride though.And flowers! woo-hoo!

Ed said...

Excellent post!!! I'm glad spring is on its way out there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey K,

I made the mistake to get excited about snow 2 years ago in March, and we ended up getting 2 feet of snow in April.

Last year I decided to wait until April to get excited about seeing signs of Spring....and we got 14" of snow followed by an ice storm in late May! gah!

Hmmmm, I wonder if this is a pattern?

If I get excited about Spring in May, does that mean we'll get snow in June?
I truly don't doubt it. That's the way it is up here at 7,000+ ft.

Months are a human's way of telling the time of year....Nature's got her own schedule.

Thanks for taking me along for your ride on Colt and with the dogs. I'm so envious of your vast open spaces to ride. I can only imagine how much you enjoy all that land to just explore and work with your handsome pony.

Cowboy sure looked tuckered out at the end, didn't he? :)

New Mexico

thecrazysheeplady said...

Thanks for the beautiful post(s). I love your hackamore, but what I really like is your snaffle bit. Lovely. And the head it's hanging on, too :-).

I can tell it's spring here too (in KY) because we're all so busy we can even think straight anymore. Sigh.

CTG Ponies said...

Looks like a wonderful ride!!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Ahh...Spring! It's been a lonnnnngggg winter for everyone! Thanks for that beautiful splash of yellow and green!
Breathtaking view up there Lady! Hope you had on your longjohns though!

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