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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harney can you love nothing?

Eastern Oregon is never me anyhow. I always say I live where there is nothing and I like it that way...but...

In the past week that I've been traveling the county doing my ag surveys, I thought I had nothing to blog about...then, after looking through some of my photos, I decided I was totally wrong!

Monday on my way down to Diamond.
Barton Lake with a major squall on it's SE side.
I drove home in 2 inches of snow that evening.

Tuesday, Colt waiting for breakfast in a beautiful
yellow glow sunrise ...with snow fallen from
the day before.

As the Wild Bunch wait on the hill for breakfast too.

Wednesday's trip to Catlow Valley to one of the
largest ranches in the state of Oregon.
What was grazing in the meadows
with Hart Mountain guarding over them?

Beautiful Big Horn Sheep...what else?

On the way home from Catlow Valley...a stop
at the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge;
a favorite stop-over for thousands of migratory birds.

And just today, Bald Eagles winging their way
over the alfalfa fields in search of the tasty, (but nasty)
local Sage Rat.

Folks in Harney County just appreciate the lil' things in life.
~~We are blessed~~



Kathleen Coy said...

You certainly are blessed! What beautiful photos, I would love to visit...

And I didn't know you had Bighorn out your way, I just love them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures - you sure live where it's beautiful!

Reddunappy said...

Beautiful pics, the lil things are the best!

Kyfarmlife said...

WOW! I especially love the first picture and the one of the eagle! I love all the raptors, well almost all, I hate those vultures! Lovely county and pictures!!! I must visit out west one day!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

The pic of the storm is amazing! I really mean amazing! Send that one to NOAA.

Here in WI, we can't see the storms come up on us. They just sneak in over the treetops.

Amanda said...

Once again I have to say, we share the same world!! Love the snow squall photo!!

Mikey said...

Oh wow! That's incredible! LOVE the sheep, there's some big ones in there.
You do live in some of the most beautiful country. I love the openness of it.

Shirley said...

Miles and miles of wild country, wildlife, yeah, poor girl! So how come you don't write poetry?
Great photos, by the way. Those must be Desert Big Horns. Do you get any antelope there?

Andrea said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like there's plenty to love there. I'm jealous. We're not in a heavily populated area by any means, but I'd love to have a little more "nothing" around here.

I just noticed that you are selling your mustangs. I got a call from a guy who is looking for one, age 6 and up. (I don't have any for sale.) Can you email me information on them that I can pass on to him? My email is andreav at turbonet dot com.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yes, you are blessed. I feel the same way about my home country. I try never to take if for granted the things I see daily that so many others may never get to experience.

Thanks for sharing pictures of your part of the country-it's beautiful!

Jocelyn said...

those are fabulous pictures ! Love the Big Horn Sheep ! You are so lucky !!!

my email is jocelynmpayne at gmail dot com.

threecollie said...

Fantastic pictures....every single one of them!

the7msn said...

I'll take that whole lotta nothing over an urban something any day of the week!

Celeste said...

You certainly are blessed to be seeing such beautiful places whilst you are working :)

Blue Eyed Tango said...

You live in God's country! Loved your commentary with the horses! LOL! If only we could hear them talk, what would they say about us?

mugwump said...

I'm in love with your corner of the world. And very envious of you snow "dust" and water. We are in trouble this year I'm afraid.

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