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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Making of the Grinch Tree

Last Saturday, we really had a great time on the Christmas tree hunting expedition.

There was lots of cuteness...

Cindy Sue all bundled up 'n stayin' warm!

...lots of sniffin'...

Notice how nice Rastus' coat is getting?
He's lost all that yellow fur except for that one patch on the top of his tail!

...lots of runnin' 'n playin'...
Just a few of at least 10 dogs!

...and lots of food 'n beverages...with a big fire for warmth. We were the first to leave at about 4 pm; the rest of them stayed up on the mountain until about 8 pm...guess they had a great time!!

Yummy...Gretchen 'n her dutch oven...the best!

And I love how my Grinch tree turned out. It's tall (7 foot) 'n skinny...fits right up next to the wall. Not the traditional tree obviously.   Ahhhhh but the aroma of Juniper!!!


We think it's perfect...down to the Grinch tree bent top!

The Old World Santa ball was perfect for the top.

It feels like Santa's work shop at my house...still lots to do! Better get after it!

How are your Christmas plans coming along?


Leenie said...

Just stopped by from Feral Woman. I very much LIKE your original and very creative tree. The dutch oven cooking looks yummy and I always enjoy dogs having fun.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love your decor ... so cute. your doggies are so dressed up for the cold event. so fun!! love your Grinch tree. so cool!! ( :

Candy C. said...

I LOVE the Grinch tree!! Cindy Sue looks so cute in her little coat and scarf! That must be fun to have a tree huntin' party! :)

lisa said...

I love the tree! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Dreaming said...

It sounds like you had great fun. Yes, I think many of us have projects to work on. It's that time of year!
I love the color of your room, and the blanket on the wall. It looks like you and I both love rocking horse ornaments!

Crystal said...

Very cool tree! And perfect topper too :)

Shirley said...

This weekend I am going tree hunting- but it won't be nearly as much fun as yours! The dogs get to come with me too.
That pic of Cindy Sue is very cute.

4RRanch said...

Very cute tree. I love the non-traditional look. We call those Ceder trees here and they are very prickly.

Mary said...

Fred has got to have that Jacket! She looks so cozy and the scarf totally makes the outfit, stylin'. I love the Grinch tree, especially the crooked top, lot of character for sure!

Reddunappy said...

Very cute! I love it!!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Your tree is adorable -- I love it. Down to earth and very country. :)

Buckaroo Barbie said...

I like your tree! Something with character :) One year my family cut a big branch of Manzanita and decorated that! We have a great big bushy tree this year, it's leaning against the front porch, but we somehow haven't managed to get it decorated yet! Need to get on that....your post has lit a fire under me! :)

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