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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Grass Sea

Fall is here. The alfalfa is going dormant after a few hard freezes. Lots of cattle are being worked; gathered, sorted, weaned, those that got missed in the spring are branded and castrated, and some are being shipped to the sale yards. It's kind of like the end of the cycle.

Last week, I helped the 3J Ranch move pairs from one field to another. I hadn't ridden in that area before. The land is on the edges of the Malhuer Lake and there are numerous sloughs...which made it quite interesting and a little more challenging.

Can't Beat the View
Can't beat this view! The sun just lit up the grass heads.

Through the Slough
Moving cow/calf pairs through the slough waters of Malhuer Lake.

Careful Where You Step
As we move the cows through the sloughs, the base gets deeper and deeper.
We chose to cross where the cows had not been, and it was still plenty deep.

Water! Let's Play!
Rastus had a ball in the water!! Yahoo!!

Grass Sea
It looked like a grass sea with the cows moving through...sometimes
you couldn't even see the cows!

Happy Cow Dog
It didn't take long for Rastus to dry out in the 75 degree heat.
One happy cow dog...I'm getting better with my commands...
it's a lot of fun to have a good horse and a good dog!

It's been unusually warm this fall, but there's snow and rain in our forecast! I guess I will sadly put away my patio furniture this weekend...sigh...


Ian said...

Wow, that looks like fun! If you need future help, sign me up. (Plus send plane ticket)

A Quiet Corner said...

This made me feel like I was right there with you...loved it!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. I always like your between-the-horses-ears shots and this one is especially nice with the colors. Thanks for letting me share a little of your days.

Jeni said...

Love the grass picture too. beautiful world we live in if we just take moment to look around.

Val said...

It looks like you were very busy. I can't image trying to give commands to the dog, giving direction to your horse and then getting all those beautiful shots too!


Paint Girl said...

I would love to ride through that grass field!! It looks so pretty!! I miss having a big field to ride in. I grew up with a neighbor that had a huge grass field and we loved to gallop our horses through it!!

Candy C. said...

I LOVE the light shining on the grass in that first picture!! With all that water, you could be Florida cowboys, well...without the alligators of course!! :)

Crystal said...

I love tall grass with cows going through it. We have lots of slough here too this fall, usually dried up already.

lisa said...

That grass is amazing, you don't see grass like that around here. You took some great pictures. Looks like you had a reasonable good day.

Shirley said...

Lots of grass there, does it get used for winter pasture? Happy dog, happy horse, happy cows, happy rider- good day! Even if you do have to say goodbye to autumn. I am resisting putting my hammock away.

doublehphoto said...

Love the grass and water!

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