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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Stills~Old Churches & Graveyards

~Things are sometimes harder than a person can bear.~
~Prairie Woman 1875~

This week's Sunday Stills photo challenge was a fun one. I cheated though and used photos from my archives since I was out of town for most of the week. Crane is just 10 miles north of our place.

Crane is an unincorporated community in Harney County, Oregon, United States, northeast of Malheur Lake on Oregon Route 78.
Crane was named for the prominent local features Crane Creek and Crane Creek Gap. Crane Creek Gap is the pass between the Harney Basin and the drainage basin of the South Fork Malheur River. Crane Creek is probably named for the Sandhill Crane, which was once abundant in Eastern Oregon. Crane post office was established in 1895 and discontinued in 1903. When the Union Pacific railroad was completed from Ontario, Oregon, in 1916, the post office was reopened.
Until the railroad was finished to Burns in 1924, Crane was an important livestock shipping point, and the town was thriving with its five restaurants, four hotels, three garages, two general merchandise stores, a warehouse, a lumber yard, livery stables, a dance hall, a newspaper, a bank and a movie theater. After a series of fires, the latest in 1938, however, the town never returned to its former prosperity. As of 2006 (and still today in 2011), a post office, service station and tavern, and a farm supply store were the only businesses in Crane.
Crane Union High School and Crane Elementary School are in Crane. The high school, which draws students from a large rural district, is a boarding school.

Twin 3 year old daughters died just 7 days apart.
I assume disease or illness of some sort.
So very sad. Someone had tried to stabilize the broken
headstone, but it has fallen again.

Interestingly enough, there was no date. Also, it seems that the "N"
was stamped onto the slab backwards.

This is a very creepy photo...badgers are very common around here.
They have dug numerous holes in the cemetery grounds.
That weirded me out!

This cemetery is not just a pioneer cemetery.

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Annette said...

Very cool cemetery with great old west feel!

MTWaggin said...

I love the composition on the Hugh John McElroy one and the badger one creeped me out too!

Anonymous said...

I love the sign against the bright blue sky.

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of pictures. Reminds me of Carson City, NV - we visited the town and cemetery 30 years ago.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Gtyyup, It's amazing the history you can fine in a cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Lots of history here I'm sure. Loved your pictures. :)

Dreaming said...

Great shots - love the simplicity of Mrs. Harned's stone. How could they have made the backward 'N'?

Shirley said...

More interesting history- I think that's the best thing about this week's challenge, finding out more about the places we all live.
Let's make up stories about Mrs. Harned- I say she was a school teacher, not very well loved, and the backwards N was a bit of a dig from a student who didn't like her!

Ed said...

Very cool pics and history lesson..:-)

K. T. Sparks said...

The badgers would have weirded me out too....
neat cemetery and I like to go to them....my family thinks that strange...oh well maybe I am but you can learn so much in them.

Ann said...

Who was Ontario?I used to go to University at Windsor Ontario. Right in from of my hostal block was a cemetery, And I often looked out of the widow to see the graveyard service.

aurora said...

Great shots! So interesting. Love how the first one reads, in more ways then one.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Twins less than three years old..must have been Diphtheria if they died a week apart. It is always so sad to see broken stones. That cemetery is very interesting..that must be a big badger.
Great series of photos! :)

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Flu pandemic is my guess. Sad.

gtyyup said...

Ann~Ontario was not a who but where. One of the city of Ontario's founding fathers in 1883 named the city after his home province, Ontario Canada.

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