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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Man and His Traeger

~When my life is over, I hope someone remembers me.~
~Susan Shaw 1890~

I'm going to mention "Christmas," but don't get into a panic...I'm talkin' 'bout this past Christmas!! Yea, yea...a lil' late, but better late than never...

If the wife gives her husband a fancy barbecue for Christmas, does that fall in the same category as the husband giving the wife a vacuum? Of course I'm talking about the "thoughtless gift" category.

Well, it might...but I did it anyhow!

The lumber store that My Man works at carries the Traeger brand of wood pellet barbecues....and he's always talkin' about what his boss has been cookin' on his...so, it sounded good to me...actually very tasty!!!

I got the smallest one, but it's still huge and came in a box...it had to be put together. That particular day, I was driving the car and the box wouldn't fit. So, the plan was for one of the other staff to wrap it and they would tell My Man that it was a package that was delivered at the store for me (which actually happens quite often). But this package weighed at least 100 pounds!!!

So, My Man brings it home, and I act just as surprised and confused as he was..."I don't know what it is." But, I said I'd open it up after he got out of the shower. While he was in the shower, I made a big sign with a bow on it that said "To Husband From Wife."

He finishes his shower and comes into the living room...sees the box and sign and said something about me being a sneaky lil' thing  ;~)  Of course I'm sneaky...how else could I have kept it a secret!!!

Our first dinner with it was a whole chicken...OMG...to die for!!!

Puttin' on the bird.

Barbecuing inside? Yep...in the shop! It's best to keep it out of the wind and as warm as possible, because it affects the cooking time. This summer, it will be out on the new deck!

After 45 minutes of "smoke" it's ready to turn up to the "high" setting.

Total cooking time is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Dinner's ready!!

Seasoned to perfection, cooked with mesquite wood pellets...perfectly moist and delicious!!!
Would My Man have liked any other gift? Nope...not this time!! We're totally enjoying the food that this barbecue does...and it can do just about anything...even pizza and desserts (which we haven't tried yet)!!

Tonight's menu...pork loin chops cooked with Hickory wood pellets...yum!

What did My Man give me for Christmas? Well, that's comin' up~


Jeni said...

mMMmmm !!!!!!! I'd LOVE that as a gift!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm thinking if the man likes to cook it's probably not the same as a vacuum. What sane person likes to vacuum anyway?? but cook some people love it and well, I rest my case. Nice choice!

So are you cooking with the garage door open so the fumes don't get ya??

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

That reminds me - I gotta take a pork steak outta the freezer for stir fry tomorrow nite.

Nice grill! I've got a Brinkman.

Linda said...

My friend has one of those.....the meat is WONDERFUL. I want one too......or I could just invite myself over all the time;)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

A smoker and grill? Oh, I sooo gotta get my hubby one of those. That chicken looks delish!

I have to say, I was hoping for a nice, medium sized shop vac for Christmas. I made sure to tell the man it was okay-LOL. I actually do need one for all of the vehicles and LQ/tack compartment in the horse trailers.

Shirley said...

Your man looks like he's quite pleased with himself, as well he should be; that looks like a real tasty chicken!

Annette said...

That chicken looks delicious!!

EvenSong said...

My feed/tack store sells those, too, and every time they have an event (their little horse show every summer, the Purina "Horse Owners' Workshop", etc) they always do a couple of pork loins for folks. MAN! are the GOOD! It's enough to get me to an event, with or without a horse!
Seems like a great gift choice (with fringe benefits for the giver!).

Liesl said...

Brilliant gift for your man! That chicken looks delicious.

Cheyenne said...

Now thats a real gift for a bloke!!!

Maia said...

Yum Oh. What a gift for a guy and you get to reap the benefits. That chicken looks to die for.

froglander said...

The nice thing about a gift like that is it ends up being a gift for the both of you :)

He sure looks pleased as punch in that last pic :)

Denisarita said...

We have one and LOVE IT! I find however it's better for things like whole chickens, turkey or turkey breast, tri tip, brisket or other larger things. Didn't like it so much for steaks, chops or chicken pieces. My hubby gave me mine as a gift, and it weighs in as a favorite present. Happy smokin'!

Crystal said...

mmm that sure looks good! I could almost taste if from here,mmmm.
Sounds like it was a good gift for him...and you.

K. T. Sparks said...

Well you just made me so hungry! Looks like his gift is going to be one that just keeps on giving! lol Good gift!!!!

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