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Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of the Rough String's Fiscal Year

~My handmade quilts can keep a person warm - and
make a home look cozy.~
~Martha Reeves 1904~

Mornin' Light
The rim behind the house in the mornin' light.

Our farming and "lil' bit of a ranch" year all came to a close in the past two days. The last of the alfalfa and the calves from months of hard work went down the road.

Two semi trucks came to pick up 3rd cutting two nights ago...in the dark. We were so thankful that Hay Man Rudy was available to load the trucks with his tractor. The back hoe we use to load is fine in the daylight, but it's tricky to see around the bucket...which makes loading in the dark almost impossible.

But, it's done now...one load went to a dairy in Rickreall and one load went to a dairy in Tillamook...hey, maybe I'll eat some of the best cheese in the world (Tillamook) from cows that ate our hay!!!

Summer's Bounty
Some of the fruit of this summer's hard work.

Then the lil' boys spent their last days in paradise eating...which is what cows do best! My Man and I loaded them up in the horse trailer and I drove them to a ranch close to Burns. They were shipping a semi load and had just enough room to add our two boys. That was yesterday...it was really sad to see their confused faces as they climbed the loading chute into the semi trailer with all the other calves...but, that's how we all eat...and that's why I didn't name them...well except for Black Calf and Brown Calf...not really names. But, these were our first two calves.

We look forward to Annabelle and Ellie Mae's new calves in the spring...Goof's babies!!

Enjoying their last meal in paradise. I will be glad to claim my riding arena back again as it was used for their weaning pen...I hope we can get this corner back to normal!!

Don't Forget~~~

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  1. Last year we raised a couple of orphan calves. I told my good lady not to name them. But too late! So when it came "Beano" & " Dandy" to go the way of all things, she was to say the least, upset!

    So yeah your right, dont name them. But its always sad to see the year come to an end. But good to know it will all start again!!!

  2. We always name our calves, but we aren't known for our good sense.

    I'll be having more giveaways so there will be more chances.

  3. It's hard to believe the year is about over. I like your ridge, it would be something to gaze at in all seasons!!

  4. What a gorgeous picture, the country down there is so beautiful!

    Alas life on the ranch, bye bye to the calves. Maybe you will get a heifer next year and can make the herd bigger!
    And yum! I love Tillamook cheese!!!

  5. your version of shipping calves is a lot simpler than the version we'll be doing in a few days! Glad everything got wrapped up nice and easy! Bet it feels good to have it all done!
    I'll be out of the truck for a week or so starting tonight, so I won't see your blog post about the winner. I never win anything anyway, but in case I do, hope I can still claim the prize when I get back!

  6. I like Martha Reeves' syaning of home made quiits. My grandma made one foreach of her daughters, we had fun.

    I made one for my older daughter, and she loves it.

  7. Poor baby calves. I get it, and I eat meat, but I still feel bad.

  8. MMM, beefs.
    Will be nice to have your arena back though.
    Good to have the last of the hay sold, ready for next year.

  9. I can't help but name any animals, which is why we don't eat ours. Maybe one day I will try to buy a bunch of broiler chickens and not name a one...and then I'll be able to get 'em butchered. I'm such a softey, though. I'd probably have to hire some help. sigh.

    I bet it feels like a huge relief to finish up the hay season. But now what will you do with all that extra time you spent growing hay? :)


  10. I usually buy some Tillamook cheese when I go to Idaho. Love their sharp cheddar.
    Your rocky ridge is picturesque and a natural windbreak too I bet.
    Url is making a mess of Beamer's pen; I wish I could put him in with the mares as they have a bigger pen, but they won't let him in the hay.

  11. my friends raise two calves every year for their own butchering...

    they are always called



    Say it out loud, and you'll laugh like I did ...lol


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