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Friday, June 11, 2010

When's it Time to Make Hay?

Yesterday, My Man talked to a neighboring rancher who said they'd shut their water off and would be cutting as soon as the ground dried out.

Hmmmmmm...we decided to take a serious look at our crop.

The first sign...the alfalfa is laying down after 12 hours of watering.
It's thick with big leaves and comes up to the bottom of
the wheel line...a good two feet tall!

This photo is just for Mrs. Mom...see her drool ;~)
Ha! Couldn't help myself!

Second sign...when you really don't need to wear
rubber boots while moving wheel lines...

...except for protection from snake bites!
The cold and wet sure are a shocker 
to the system at 5 AM!

I talked to Hay Man Rudy and he said go for it!
After this set turns off at 4:30 PM today, we'll
let the ground dry for a few days and we're supposed
to get some hot weather...perfect for baling!
Prayin' for good weather~


Cowgirl Rae said...

Hot Weather....... snort! whats that?

I have 2 horses with thrush! we
have had nothing but rain and cool. Today looks promising, but HOT! I have forgotten what that means.

Keeping fingers crossed for hay, I know how that feels.

Dreaming said...

I'm jealous!
Our prairie grass has maybe reached 10" in height.
Saying prayers for warm, dry weather for you.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for some interesting pictures. I love seeing alfalfa, and I like the smell of it too!

Mrs Mom said...

Drool I did girl!! LOL BUt along WITH the hay, I was drooling over the irrigation. Man alive I'd love to be standing UNDER that right about now. It's 105 here again. Just got in from trimming horses. Sonny is waiting for more hay, and since he is not starving to death, he can wait until I cool off some!

As always, you have such amazing pix!

Sydney_bitless said...

We should have cut hay like 2 weeks ago. You gotta make hay when the sun shines, like the song says. Unfortunately its been nothing but rain rain rain.

Shirley said...

The ground is saturated here too. Your crop looks great. Do you do your first cut before it flowers?

Rain said...

They are starting to cut hay in the valley too. It is still wet though and now they say maybe 10 dry days. Our place here is so wet that we haven't even laid out the irrigation lines yet. We had to put on fertilizer for the second time due to the rain that leeched out so much of it. Hope this bunch sticks as it's not cheap to keep fertilizing but it's that or see the grass leach out and not grow.

Sarah said...

Hope the weather cooperates.
Great pictures. I wish we could post smells to our blog as well as pictures. Fresh cut hay baking in the sun is my favorite!!!

Ann said...

How much do you sell your hay? I was watching a SPCA show, and we had flooding in a region. The cows were so thin, and the farmer had hay covered up in their plastic bags. They gave the excuse that the flood and the drought caused the trouble.

gtyyup said...

Shirley~We try to keep the bloom under 10%. If it gets too ripe, the protein and RFV (relative food value) goes down and it won't test high enough for dairy quality. There are buds on the plants, but it hasn't actually bloomed yet. Last year we had so much rain and couldn't get it cut so it didn't make grade. Second cutting never makes grade because it grows so fast (very hot weather), but 3rd cutting made dairy quality...we get more $$ for that of course!

Ann~Flood and drought...both can be devastating for farm crops. As I mentioned to Shirley above, different types of hay go for different prices. Feeder alfalfa hay sold last year between $80-$95 per ton, dairy quality sold between $120-$150. That of course is in US dollars.

Oregontribal1 said...

MMMMMMM!! Can almost smell the warm fresh alfalfa baking in the sun! I used to sleep up on the hay stack in the barn during the summer, my dad joked that he was going to build me a bunk house in the barn because they never saw me unless I cam in to eat or shower! Nothing like the smell of alfalfa, warm horse hides and saddle leather to soothe your mind! Here's hoping you have some warmer weather; it's a cool 61 in Grants Pass today but s'posed to hit 77? I'll send it your way :)

Celeste said...

Well I certainly hope you get better weather than we have been getting here, rain, rain and more rain. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay dry.

sanjeet said...

Thanks for some interesting pictures
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