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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter to everyone! May the day bring you the blessings of family and friends as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Chicks and bunnies are always "commercial" symbols of Easter...and yes, they are very cute.

But calves are even cuter in my mind...Calfey, which he is most often referred to as, is no exception.

And I caught him and momma cow taking a snooze in the sunshine the other day.

'Boy, this is way better than the wind and snow
we've endured off and on all week. We had
4 inches of snow on Tuesday!
I'm definitely likin' this sunshine.'

'I think I need some on my tummy...ah yes...right there.'


'Hey...what's with that black thing you keep
pointin' at me? You're
interrupting my bathing!'

'Maybe if I stick my tongue out at her, she'll go away!'

'Son...just ignore those silly two-legged things...
they're always doing something stupid.
Go back to sleep dear.'

I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world! Enjoy the day!



  1. so sute! calves really are way too cute, until they grow up !

    Glad to see you are getting rid of some of that snow finally!

  2. How Cute!
    I'd pick a cow any ol day over a chick or bunny. Unfortunately I just don't have the room for them and I really don't think that the city would like all that moo-ing.
    Hope you all have a great Easter!

  3. What a precious baby....have a good day!

  4. Your Calfey is adorable! Just look at those eyes and eyelashes!

  5. So cute. I miss having calves so much. They are my favorite.

  6. Wow he's got such long eye-lashes. So cute.

  7. Awwww, that's special! Happy Easter to you and your man!

  8. If he isn't the sweetest pea on the planet. Wonderful group of pictures. Happy Easter and I'm glad you have a sunny day.

  9. Oh boy is he cute I wish I had those lashes.

  10. I so agree, a calf is sooo much better! He's a cutie! Happy Easter to you and the other half :)

  11. Now that is the cutest calf I've seen in ages and quite the poser too! I loved your branding pic's too b.t.w.

  12. What a sweet little face on the calf. Love the color too, beautiful baby!

  13. So cute! I wish I could be snoozing in the sun like that! Well, if we ever got any sun, I would be!

  14. Oh for some sun to be snoozing in! It's been a bit of a washout over here. Our green and pleasant land is still very brown and bare at the moment :)

  15. Love the calf! What a cutie!! And I'm very glad that you've got some sunshine.

  16. So, so cute!! I'd just love to give him a big hug. :)

    Loved seeing the cowboy in action as well. :)

  17. Hello Friend,

    Hope your Easter Sunday was blessed beyond measure. So glad you are having sunshine!


  18. That gets a 10 on the cuteness meter, great shots and post..:-)

  19. I love little red calves! And he looks so comfortable there taking a sun bath. You always take such great photographs.

  20. Boy I wish I could curl up next to him and sunbathe too!! He definitely rats a 12 on the cute-o-meter!!

  21. YES! Best thing in spring....CALVES! No one can resist those baby faces can they! I'm waaaaay past overdue getting out and about taking pictures on the farm of new babies, been preoccupied with my poor old horse thats been going down on me and his care. In fact I cant even remember if I've posted any calf pics yet on my blog???? I just started back up again and my brain doesnt work half the time from medication I'm on (hence the not blogging for over 7 months) so I'll have to check! Must post calf pictures!!!!! Now I'm having calf withdraws!


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