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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Stills ~ A Day in the Life

The challenge for this week's Sunday Stills photo shoot was "A Day in the Life"...pick a day and pack your camera with you.

Only four photos can be submitted.

Last week was a pretty boring week around the ranch...working on taxes, Horsefly articles and ads, and watching the wind blow tumbleweeds and snow...not a lot for interesting photography.

But yesterday the clouds parted just in time for branding at a neighboring ranch. We did it the "modern" way (using a table) vs "traditional" (roping and dragging calves to the fire). It may not be nearly as fun or interesting as the traditional way, but we got a lot of calves done...80 bull calves and 72 heifers...it was a long day...but fun was had by all!

Branding irons heating up in the propane fire.

Smoke fills the air as the hair is scorched...a smell
that clings to everything and is hard to get out
of your nose at the end of the day.

The lil' red whiteface calf (who already went
through the process) came up to give the lil' black
calf some moral support as he's banded for castration.
The girls on the fence had the best time...nothing
like being raised on a ranch!

Kids and animals...they always make the perfect photo.

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Maia said...

Very interesting day in the life shots. Looks like a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Great job. I loved the last shot of the calf and little girl...too sweet. :)

lisa said...

You sure are right about the kids and animals making great pictures.

Sydney said...

Beautiful photos. No one around here brands their cows at all. or horses.

Carol said...

That header is awsome!!!! I feel as if I am standing right beside him looking out over the range.


Oregon Equestrian said...

Great shots! Love the comforting touch in the last photo.

Far Side of Fifty said...

These are all great photos! That last shot is gorgeous..and speaks volumes! Very interesting..as far as I am concerned you have the best day so far!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots, looks like you were busy as a bumblebee.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Busy day for the babies. The brand shot is really neat.

jane augenstein said...

Great pictures! love the little girl comforting the calf who must have been hurting after the branding and castration.

Rising Rainbow said...

Love the pics. Quite a week you had. Of course, the last shot is my fav.

Ann said...

I am a city girl, and have always wondered about branding. Do the cattle feel the pain?

This week, some farms are opened to people like me so we know more about the farm.

Ann said...

I am a city girl, and have always wondered about branding. Do the cattle feel the pain?

This week, some farms are opened to people like me so we know more about the farm.

Ed said...

Branding and castration, what a fun day..;-)))

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh ouch lol

Rhonda said...

I sure enjoyed all 4 photos! But I'll tell you what, those last two --- loved 'em! The one calf giving the other "moral support" was too cool, and the girl petting the calf was just plain SWEET. :) Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I love the last pic.......I can hardly wait for branding season here.

Shirley said...

4 great photos, Karen. And a good productive day! Last shot is lovely but I love the branding iron shot.

Faithful said...

I love brandings..esp. when it is a family affair! Kids that grow up around the calfs get a special treat!

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