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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Unconditional Faith

Winter Warmth


On Winter’s day with snow so deep
Wrapped in the coat of warmth God gave me I keep
As blowing winds and falling snow continue on
Drifts of white climb ever so steep

I wait with patience as dusk draws near
For lack of anything I have no fear
She knows my needs and true to her word
I’m safe from harm with her love so dear

K. J. S.

Silhouette Portrait


cheyenne jones said...

Its true. My own horses, as I am sure are yours, really look to us to keep them safe, and there belief in that fact, is really amazing. I sometimes wonder if we would be as faithful.

mugwump said...


Shirley said...

That's pretty sweet!

lisa said...

Very nice!

Fort Western Stores said...


A Quiet Corner said...

I'm sure your horse felt those words!...:)JP

Candy C. said...

What a great post!! :)

Mary said...


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