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Friday, December 28, 2012

Freezing, Frosty Friday

Today was the first day this season to reach below 0 F. The official low temperature on our thermometer was -6 F. Last evening they said it was going to be a low of 12...they were just a lil' bot off their mark!

After ten minutes of dressing Cindy Sue and myself for the cold, we venture out to feed the herd.I had a feelin' there might be some good photo ops!

Glory Tree
Sunrise through the frosted elm tree

Oh my, it was a glorious mornin' despite the cold!

Frosty Breakfast
I say the girls are happy this mornin'...they have plenty of hay to keep cow smiles on their faces!

I left all of the tank heaters plugged in, which I hate to have to do because of the cost, but I want to keep everyone hydrated.

The Big Yellow
Tracks in the snow

After making quick work of getting everyone fed, I took a few shots, and we (all the dogs and me) were ready to get into the house and stand by the wood stove. Ahhhhh...lovin' that wood heat!


Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

gorgeous snowy shots. so beautiful!! ( :

Val said...

Beautiful shots! Mine weren't as scenic today during chores.
LOL, why do I feel compelled to show what I do at chore time?

Love that first one...should be hanging in a gallery!

Mary said...

Buurrutiful! (sorry it just popped into my head) Stay cozy!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Gorgeous photos!!!

lisa said...

Those are some awesome shots. That is one thing I miss about not having an indoor woodstove and that is being able to stand in front of it to get warm!

Reddunappy said...

So great to have you back with some posts! Love your pictures!!

A Quiet Corner said... was chilly there! There's nothing like a wood stove when it's that nippy!...:) JP

Val said...

The little water tank only holds 25 gallons for our Dexter cattle that are only waist high to me. So it is rather easy to keep them in fresh water.

Yes those plastic sleds are a miracle for haying and watering!

Anonymous said...

Karen, it undoubtedly was more than a tad cold, but your photos are SO beautiful... I placed your last shot of your horse looking back at you on my desktop as wallpaper. (Thanks too for coming by.. I missed you!)

Dreaming said...

Your pictures look cold! Brrr!
Going inside to a wood fire sounds wonderful!

Paint Girl said...

Brrr! That is cold! I am so happy we don't get that cold but I might take that over all the rain we get! Beautiful pictures, as always!

Shirley said...

Our tank heaters have thermostats, we leave them plugged in all winter and they only come on when they need to.
Love the last shot, it's not often that one can take a photo directly in to the sun and have it turn out so nice.

Crystal said...

I dunno how cold that is, but sounds cold and the pics turned out wonderful. Ussually when its cold here I try to get everything done quickly and dont even take out the camera, I save that for a warmer day.

Candy C. said...

Oh.My.Word. What gorgeous pictures!! That first one is simply stunning!! :)

5 Starr's Farm said...


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