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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Cow Dog Play Day

Last Sunday, we loaded up Rastus and Cindy Sue for a day trip over to Prineville. Tom Blasdell with Tuf Stock Dogs (who I got Rastus from) was having a play day for cow dogs.

It was a lot of to meet a gal from FaceBook...and play with Rastus on cows!

No, this lil' cutie below is not mine (we're full up on dogs and horses!). It's from a litter that are about 8 weeks old now and are out of one of Tom's best dogs, Heifer.

Oh so precious!!!

Tom Blasdell starting young pups on sheep.

At this stage, Tom's looking to see what kind of instinct the pups have. It's funny to see some just get right in there and want to chew a leg off, and then see others that are content to sit back and look on...and others that are too busy playing to show much interest. But, it's not always a cut and dry case after the pups get old enough to actually start training...some may have more or less intensity that they first show.

It was just fun to see the lil' butter balls show off their stuff!

Everyone got to work their dogs a couple of times. Tom had a competition style course set up where you had your dog take the 3 head of calves around an obstacle (I attempted), through another obstacle, between the fence and an obstacle...turn around and go back through...and if you wanted, you could open the gate and take the herd to the outside course which was through a gate, around an obstacle, through the water and back through the gate.

I stuck to the "inside" course...just the highlights...

I've got a long way to go to perfect this technique!!! And, I'm not showing you our wrecks ;~)

My Man was the photographer as usual, and I'm glad he did the video...I learned a lot of what I'm not doing correctly by watching myself...even though I cringe. It's just part of the learning curve.

We were supposed to have another clinic here at our place this weekend with Tom, but had to cancel it because I scheduled it with two other really fun events going on the same weekend in the area (one in Redmond and one in Winnemucca). So, we'll get a clinic going in the spring.

In the meantime, I'll work our 3 heifers here at home and go to Tom's for a lesson once a month or so.


Cheyenne said...

Thanks for this post! I did smile, loved the dog, looks a lot like my old Collie, long past now. Good post!!

A Quiet Corner said...

Oh what fun experiencing this would be!...:)JP

Cowgirl Rae said...

Watching video back is hugely valuable. As painful as it is. I just image I'm watching someone else and critique that way.

Candy C. said...

A good cow dog is worth twice his weight in gold and Rastus looks like he is well on his way! The little pup is just too, too cute! :)

Janice said...

Rastus and you look like you're learning just fine. That pup is so darn cute....makes me want another one.....which I don't need....and I'm sure the two dogs here would agree.

Shirley said...

Working dogs is about as fun as riding horses. The pup is a heart stealer. I'm a Rastus fan! He is a darn good dog.

Mary said...

I love the way he looks so focused, I can tell he's having fun too. I think it's really neat to watch. Good boy Rastus!

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