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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Colors...Lovely Fall Colors

Two days ago it was 70 degrees. I went from a long sleeved flannel shirt in the mornin' to a t-shirt...then a sleeveless top all in one day!

Today...snow in the mornin' and a whoppin' high of 41 degrees. More snow in the forecast for the next three days with lows in the teens.

Beautiful leaves on the apple tree

I'm going to hang on to my memories of the 70 degree days!! But, in the 7 years that we've lived here, this year has been the most colorful.

A normal year would give us freeze-dried, brown leaves! I mowed up the leaves on Sunday and by Monday afternoon, you couldn't tell.

And last year, I didn't rake or mow a single leaf...the wind was blowing so bad all the leaves blew into the next county!

The little pink flowers at the bottom right are hangin' on 'til the very end

I still have garden clean up in the flower beds as well as the veggie garden. I also want to get the Christmas lights up on the rail fence around the house...should have done that when it was 70 degrees!

Camera-shy Rastus was finally curious enough about the camera
to give it a sniff! Now it looks like he's wearin'
 a pumpkin on his head in this shot!

My family is meeting in Central Oregon for a get-to-gather before all the holidays come upon us. Lookin' forward to seeing everyone. Since we live so far away, and it's hard for us to get away from the herd, we're meeting half way...works good for everyone!

Have a great weekend~


Shirley said...

Lovely leaves! Nice to see Rastus, up close and personal! Have a great gathering, and hope the wind we are getting today doesn't make it as far as your place, it blew all the leaves off the trees today, except for the ones that are still green.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hey! Gtyyup Oakley..... nice kill on the coyote. Have a great time with your family and a safe trip.

sista' moonshine said...

love those fall golden apple leaves!

Crystal said...

Haha that is a cute pic of Rastus!, pumpkin on his head or not :) And the leaves are very pretty colored too, ours are almost gone except the few frozen brown ones.

Candy C. said...

Pretty fall leaves and cute picture of Rastus! Enjoy your visit with family! :)

Mary said...

Rastus looks like he just got an idea, light bulb moment, he he. I did some raking on Wednesday too, they weren't going to blow anywhere, darn it. It really has been a pretty fall. Stay warm, enjoy the family.

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