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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In a Nut Shell

How else can one put almost 4 months of life in a blog? I've got my calendar and some photos I've used on FaceBook...(yes, I admit that I've been on FB way too much ;~)

In all actuality, this was a pretty uneventful summer.

Irritation...err...irrigation (lots of water needed during this dry, hot summer).

Three cuttings of alfalfa (all three cuttings made dairy quality).

Two cutting horse shows (no Lakeview or Harney County stock horse shows).

Doing some day work for neighbors (branding and moving lots of cows).

Garden (a pretty good year).

All that stuff is just like all the other years since I've been blogging...which is one of the reasons I didn't have a lot of incentive to blog...same ol' same ol'...ya know?!?

The photo from yesterday is at the edge of our east field...we could have gotten a 4th cutting on our alfalfa, but decided to let the plant go through its cycle. It'll strengthen the plant, and all that green fertilizer goes into the soil too.

There's been some dog changes...

Deep in Thought
Rest in Peace pretty Abby. We helped her to the Rainbow Bridge on June 17.

We also said farewell to pretty Bella Jo...who now lives on a working cattle
ranch on the Idaho/Utah border. They love her to death and she's making
a fine working dog for them.

Welcome Rastus a registered Border friend to Red Dog!
We held a Cow Dog Clinic here at the ranch in August with Tom Blasdell as the trainer. It was at that point my silly brain finally clicked in...a green rider and green horse don't make a good goes the same as a green cow dog handler and a green cow only took me two years to figure that out.

So, we bought Rastus from Tom, and Rastus is teaching me to become a handler...and will eventually help teach Red to be a cow dog. We've been working at it, but I need more training!!! Tom is coming for another clinic in November.

Yes, we still have precious Cindy Sue and Cowboy too!! They're both doing great!

It's been a fun summer riding the Coltster...

"Handsome Me" he says. My friend Kathleen Coy painted this photo...and I get
it for Christmas...My Man has the box on the dining room
tempting to open it!!! He better hide it...and of course get it framed ;~)

Lots of miles in the saddle with this view...not a bad view at all!!

Cow/calf pairs moved into the Windmill Field on
Stinkingwater Pass.

Then we said farewell to Gus...

Long story short...he went to a trainer to do 30 days...and sold
after 4 rides...he got a great home, and I made some money this time 'round!!

And now I'm proud to welcome Colt's half brother Pierce to the Rough String!!!

He's still with his be weaned at the end of the month...
at which time he'll be coming home (here)!!!

Toby is still the shining star in lil' Reata's life...he'll be staying at
their place for the winter...Reata's absolutely IN LOVE with Toby.
At the fair this summer, Reata won all-around cowgirl in her age division on the Ol' Man.
Makes me proud.
And Rohan, Stetson and Catnip are fat and sassy too!!

Poor Tigger has had a hard time keepin' a buddy around. We lost Hissy to the Feline Leukemia, and finally found a compatable, half grown kitten...Teddy. They're doin' fine...Tigger was sooooo lonely...he loves his new friend Teddy!!

Tigger at the top and Teddy in the background...this was Teddy's first day
to come out of hiding and make a public appearance.
Now he greets you when we fill the kibble bowl!

Other drivel...four days at the Pendleton Round-up, a day at the fair, watched the herd work for the Harney County Futurity (felt good to take the year off and get back at it next year), two Ranch Hand Rodeos, two wine dinners at Hotel Diamond...

That's it...what an exciting summer!!! LOL!

OK...let's move on!

Thank you for all the "welcome back" greetings yesterday...bloggers really are great people~


Ian said...

That is a great painting! I admire your won't power for not opening it.

For a minute, I thought you were going to quit blogging! I hope not, as I enjoy reading "life in a Rough String" even though I don't comment much. I'm doing more now that the high speed satellite internet is working.

Shirley said...

Sounds like a pretty good 4 months to me! Congrats on selling Gus, especially for a profit, that always feels good.
Looking forward to some blog posts on Pierce when you bring him home. New colts are always exciting!

Barb said...

Thanks for the update. I love that sort of blog, lol. Horses, cows, dogs, and cats, love them all.

lisa said...

I think you had a lot to blog about. Now all you have to do is come up with more ;) New colts are great to see and watch how they come along!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a good summer all around! Glad to catch up again, makes me wish I spent more time moving cows this summer, but got too busy.

Linda said...

Nice to catch the painting! I know you are thrilled to be getting that!

Reddunappy said...

Cant wait to see the painting!!!

I did some line drawings, simple and elegant for my sis in law, after she lost her Friesian. I did it from a photo I took the summer before.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

It's good to see you back! I can't wait to watch your progress with your new colt. He's a cutie!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Glad you're back!!!

DarcC said...

Welcome back! You were missed! Glad all is well.

Candy C. said...

It may have been same ol', same ol' to you but it sounds like a lovely four months to me! Looking forward to seeing more of Pierce and all the other inhabitants at the Rough String! :)

Nancy Claeys said...

I have seen you on FB but did't have the heart to ask about the blog...

I've come to realize that what is ordinary to me is extraordinary to others, so I share my mundane happenings for what it's worth.

Happy to have you back. :)

Mary said...

Very nice recap! I look forward to reading more about little Pierce going forward, he's a cutie! Colt really is looking as handsome as ever! Give Cindy Sue a little pat from me and Fred.

Brian said...

Glad to have you back. It was great to get the updates. I do think blogging breaks are useful, and I'm just glad to know that nothing serious was going on. Way better to have the normal kind of summer than any bad surprises.

Looking forward to photos and stories from the upcoming ranch work.


Brian said...

I just posted the above comment, but it was weird that my computer wouldn't let me plug in my normal account. I dislike being an anonymous poster, so I thought I'd correct it.


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