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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two Good Days of Weather...I'll Take It!

Well, for at least two days it's feelin' like spring!! Yesterday and today...then we're back to more cold and snow and rain. Have to take advantage of what lil' bit we get.

Tumbleweed and Paddy are growin' like weeds!!! They're best pals of course and enjoy each other's company. They've also found the barn where they can get inside out of the elements without the cows coming in and laying on them...they love the barn!

Milk Face
"Got Milk?"
Paddy's got her milk face goin'!
(yes, that's a dusting of snow on the ground)

Well, I've got to admit I've been a bad horse mom and that I've hardly ridden Colt this year (2012), and I've got lots of training to get done on Mike Bridges clinic is less than a month away.

This Thursday I'll be sorting pairs with him for the 3J Ranch and Saturday we've been invited to a branding...not only does Colt need to get going, but so do I!! I'm out of shape as well !

Horse Play
Rompin' in the sunrise...Gus and Colt are havin' a lil' bit of horse play!

I've also got soooooooooooo much work to do with Gus if I'm going to have him ready for the sale in July. Gus hasn't had anything done with him since last fall. Yesterday, I got him up to the barn, hobbled him while I brushed and saddled him, worked him in the round pen and then worked him on the circus pole....he did really good considering the amount of time he's had off. I was pleased, and I expect to be in the saddle today.

Rip 'n Tear
Rip 'n Tear with Hooves in a Blur

Of course the winter coats are coming off thick right now, and everyone is getting at least the shedding blade taken to them. My ol' man Toby had enough hair for two horses! The hair's flyin' everywhere!

I'm going to enjoy the sunshine, mild temps and the tiny bit of wind today...that all changes tonight as we prepare for more snow and cold.

Enjoy your day!!


Shirley said...

The boys look like they have spring fever too. Cool shot of Colt. Your calves are all shiny and healthy looking. Have a great time sorting and branding!

Elizabeth Martin said...

Sounds like you will be busy! Great Photos!

Oregon Equestrian said...

I'm eating hair, too, as my horse sheds.

Hey -- sounds like we might have a hint of spring by the weekend. Hope it's the same on your side of the mountains.

Have good rides!

Linda McCane said...

Love that running shot! I know it is a lot of work - having horses - but for those of us who always wanted a horse and never had sounds like SO much fun! Of course, even fun can be hard to maintain sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here you might have some bad weather again, but it looks like your calves are in fine shape to handle it!...and sounds like you have plenty of saddle time coming up to keep you busy! Neat pics!

cdncowgirl said...

Colt may need some legging up but at least he isn't fat :)

Quick question, what is the circus pole?

I need to start riding more too, my horses wintered well but they need miles.

gtyyup said...

cdncowgirl~do a Google search for single pillar and/or liberty pole. It's a technique for developing a horse's muscle memory. It helps straighten out crookedness and develops the horse into "self carriage." It dates way back and I became aware of it through my Mike Bridges clinics.

Reddunappy said...

I can not wait for some dry weather!! LOL LOL Supposed to be 70 up here this weekend!!!

Check out the above equine photo contest winners!! some of your photos would have done awesome!!!

Candy C. said...

Love all your pictures, great lighting! Have fun working cattle this week, hope the weather isn't too bad! Our horses are shedding like crazy too, you brush and brush and brush and...

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Awww! Paddy and Tumblewwed are SO cute! I can't wait to get some cows myself. I'm saving up now for some book writing supplies and then hopefully I will publish some books and at least get some money to buy some land to have cows! Haha!

-Bella Hope!

lisa said...

I sure know what you mean with the fur a flyin! That is a great running shot!

Crystal said...

Sounds all great, except the cold coming part. The calves sure look good.

Barb said...

Someone recently told me that time is moving so fast these days that the 24 hour day 15 hours now!! Don't quite know how that works but it feels accurate.

Rhonda said...

Best wishes with "getting back in the saddle!" :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Every spring, when the hair's a flying, I think of that Ian Tyson song "sheddin' hair everywhere, time for a change" :-).

Are the mule deer on your place?

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