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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rural Thursday ~ Despite the Snow & Wind's got to get goin'!! I've got a bit of a sore throat because of it, but it will pass.

I'm on a roll with Colt and Gus...I got them worked three days in a row! We were supposed to sort pairs at the 3J Ranch today, but after yesterday's snow, they're holding off until Monday when it's supposed to be 68 degrees...I'm good with that!! Last year we pushed a small herd into the wind and snow, and it didn't go too well...we got them there, but once we left them at the watering hole, the cows and calves 'bout beat us back to the ranch!

We had about 2 inches yesterday mornin', but by noon it was meltin' off pretty good. As usual, the snow makes everything look pretty.

Lookin' for Shelter
Lookin' for Shelter
This lil' one should have been inside instead of under the birdhouse!

Snowy Mornin'
Snowy Mornin' 7:00 AM
The sun was just starting to come up while I was out feeding.

It's nice to see some green in the pastures finally. Now, a lot of that green are weeds comin' up, but the pasture grass is gettin' green too!

Pastures are gettin' green!
1:00 PM Snow's almost gone.

I decided to put my good saddle on Gus yesterday for the first time, and I'm glad I did. My rope was coiled up on it like usual, and when he started to trot around the circus pole, he thought it was a boogie man that was gonna get him. It only took him a couple of minutes to get used to it floppin' and making a slappin' noise. I've worked him on the circus pole all three days and rode him two days in the round pen. I think we're ready to get out to the arena today.

Wind in the Mane
Wind in the Mane
We're headin' out for a long trot to the end of our property
then back to the arena for some work.
Lookin' across the alfalfa field you can see a tinge of green!!! It's truly spring here in the high desert!!

I'm linking up with Nancy and Lisa today for Rural Thursday.


Betty Manousos@ CUT and DRY said...

gorgeous shots! thank you for this optimistic post!
i really enjoyed your photos! they just speak to me.

have a great rest of the week.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love seeing all of your horses! :-) Great pics.

Elizabeth Martin said...

always enjoy reading your blog!

Shirley said...

Waiting for better weather to move the cows sounds like a prudent plan to me. No sense everybody being miserable!

Crystal said...

Brr that snow looks cold. I too agree there are some sure signs of spring, but i wont believe it till we get a rain (which we need)

Paint Girl said...

The snow looks so pretty. I cam't wait for some better weather to get my filly going under saddle!

Candy C. said...

I loved your 7 AM picture, especially since it was mostly gone by 1 PM!
Great picture horseback and it is nice to see those tinges of green!

Linda said...

It cooled down here yesterday and today, but nothing like you snow here! Glad it didn't last though...loved the photo of the wind-blown mane! Stay warm and hope your throat gets better fast...hate that sore throat stuff!

Anonymous said...

The snow looks pretty, but I'll bet when everything greens up it will look like velvet!

Beth said...

thank you for sharing your life & views with us. just lovely. i love snow. (:

Nancy Claeys said...

I imagine the snow will be great for your pastures and alfalfa. We are still way below normal on our precip for the year.

Thank you so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!

thecrazysheeplady said...

What is the circus pole?

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