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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Man and His Whiskey

My Man & His Whiskey
 ;~)  The horse's name is Whiskey!
They're spendin' some quality time together gathering pairs. 

Linking up today with Madge's

We're off early this mornin' to brand calves...and a perfect day it'll be...75 degrees WhoooHooooo!!!

And from there Colt, Cindy Sue, Red Dog and I leave for Central Oregon for my Mike Bridges clinic.

See ya'll on Wednesday!


Shirley said...

Good lookin' pair! Have a great time at the clinic.

Ian said...

A great day, unless you are one of the calves! :-{ Nice picture. Well worth framing.

Candy C. said...

Can't think of a better picture than a man and his horse! :)
Have fun at the clinic!!

Beth said...

great shot. love the view. you get to see such a good place. so different from va. (:

Jake said...

Have fun branding!!! Seems like the only time I hear about about a clinic or ranch roping is after it over.... My luck day late and a dollar short. LOL

A Quiet Corner said...

Have an awesome time...Love that name for his horse!...:)JP

Linda said...

Good looking man and horse! Great shot!

Crystal said...

Nice shot! Enjoy the clinic

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