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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wild Bunch Wednesday

We had just a skiff of snow yesterday morning...we need a LOT more. It's dry. The temps have been 0-10 degrees every morning for the past month or so, but no snow.

As I was feeding the horses behind the barn, I spotted the Wild Bunch up on the rim.

Psssst~Up Here 1/6
Psssst...look up here...

Psssst~Up Here 2/6's us!! (Catnip is using her ears as weather indicators)

Psssst~Up Here 3/6
I see you!

Psssst~Up Here 4/6
What's for breakfast?!?

Psssst~Up Here 5/6
We'll just wait right here 'til ya get it up to us Mom!
Me: NO, I'm not bringing your hay all the way up there! 

Psssst~Up Here 6/6
Awwww come could you refuse our cute lil' faces?!?

As you can see, they aren't lacking any food! We've let them graze the hill, but we've been giving them two flakes of grass hay split between the three of them...they're on a diet!

This mornin' it's a balmy 40 degrees, raining and the wind is blowing; we'll take the moisture...but the dogs are going to be a muddy mess!


We got an unexpected FaceBook message from the family that took Bella Jo. I guess she killed one of their chickens on Christmas Eve, which they said wasn't a big deal. But when she dug under the chicken coop and killed the rest of them, that was the end. So, they took her into town and dropped her off with My Man yesterday and she's back home.

Five dogs is beyond our limit, so we'll be looking for the "right" home for Bella Jo...obviously one without chickens!! In the meantime, Red and Bella Jo became BFF's within 5 minutes...they'll be wearing each other out playing!


mugwump said...

oops. Chickens are hard. Bella Jo might be a town dog...

Shirley said...

Love the rimrock ear shots.
Bad bad Bella Jo!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Uh oh...

Mary Ann said...

We have a chicken killer here, too, and we have to ride herd on her all the time. If she has a chance, she'll do it!

Love those long-ear pictures!

lisa said...

Ooops, poor chickens, poor Bella Jo! Our dogs will go after the chickens too, that is why we keep our laying hens locked up and not free range. I love my dogs just a tad more than the chickens :)

Crystal said...

Love the ear shots, thought the first one was a rabbit ;)

Thats too bad about Bella Jo, thought that was a perfect home.

Dreaming said...

I loved seeing the ears standing out above the rim. How cute!
Awwww, too bad about Bella Jo. I feel sorry for her and for the family who lost their chickens. They can get in there and kill them so darn fast.

C-ingspots said...

Yikes! Guess a better home will be one without chickens...bad dog. Hope your Christmas was nice, and wishing you blessings in 2012! Loved the rimrock pictures - they're so cute!!

Nichole said...

Beautiful pictures!

Val said...

Sorry about Bella Jo's mishap with the chickens.

I had aggressive chickens who chased my dog!

What beautiful shots of the herd on the rim! Absolutely beautiful!

Donkeys are cool, I have to admit. Ours are pretty vocal about feeding time!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It' a good thing the horses and donkeys don't try to take a short-cut down that rocky cliff. Sure makes for some stunning photos!

I had no idea you had re-homed Bella Jo. Naughty girl for attacking chickens!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Bella Jo..but I bet she is more than happy to be with you again...I bet she was bored...or hungry:)
Happy New Year!

Ed said...

LOL! Its like the old "Kilroy was Here" pics..:-)

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