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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mornin' Moo's

~There ain't no time for lookin' pretty when
ya gotta slop the pigs.~
~Haddy Rennet 1877~

Hey, I feel like that some days...and we don't even have pigs!!!

The momma cows are still bawling and running up and down the two track up to the hill pasture, but not quite as often as on Saturday.

Saturday was weaning day for the calves...'bout time...those calves were almost as big as their mommas! Since Number Three is going to be permanent in our herd, we decided to take them to a friend's place for 30 days.

Number Three and Black Calf at 7 months...and probably 600 pounds.
Yes, they should have been weaned a month or two ago!
Here they're having a quick snack before we loaded them into the trailer.

And they loaded very nicely...we still don't have our corrals set up, so we used my round pen panels, got them squeezed in to the back of the trailer and in they hopped...well, they didn't have anywhere else to go!

Arriving at the destination resort!

Ha ya...the resort...the first thing we do is get them in the squeeze chute and vaccinate them!!

Number Three was very quiet in the chute...I like to see that.
Black Calf bawled and kicked like crazy...he wanted nothin' to do with us!

They'll be fine. They've got some other heifers to run with and they'll have plenty of good hay. Black Calf will go to the sale when our friend takes a load of his after Thanksgiving. The prices are good...hope they stay that way!

Checkin' out the new digs.

My Man also got the fertilizer spread on the irrigated pasture. With the little bit of snow we've had, it should take it into the ground nicely as we get warmer temperatures this week. It's cold this mornin'...20 degrees...and we had another skiff of snow fall last night.

Looks like winter really is here~


Crystal said...

Calves sure are looking good. Will be nice to have number three as an addition to the herd next year.

Shirley said...

The circle of life goes on...
Nice that Number Three is quiet, she should make good cow.

Rhonda said...

This was interesting about the calves. Hope "Number Three" will be a good one for ya. :)

Rhonda said...

Sorry about the double post! How'd I do that? LOL!!

lisa said...

We don't know if it is winter or fall. We had snow last week and now we have 60 degree weather. Looks like the cows are doing good especially number three.

Mikey said...

Brrr, that's cold. Cows looks great though.

Ed said...

Lookin' good, hope the prices stay high for ya..:-)

Carol said...

I no longer have horses, nor any I sure do enjoy your blog. You're living the life...

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