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Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snow & Farewell to Brego

~I have a very special talent: I know how to make a man laugh.~
~Nancy Paston 1879~

We woke to the first snow of the season Friday mornin'. It started spitting snow Thursday evening and by mornin' we had just a 1/2 inch. By noon, when it quit, we had about an inch. Not much, but enough to settle the dust!

My lilac bush/tree is bowing to the arrival of winter.
The leaves are hanging on longer than normal this year.
They're freeze drying!

I think even my lil' hardy pansies are done :(

Friday was also Brego's big day to head off to his new adventure in life. It's amazing that he's took 4 years to get him sold...something we thought would take 6 months...but, he's found his person, so life will be good for him.

~The Last Supper Breakfast~

Corinne the trainer came to pick him up about noon. He hadn't been in the horse trailer since the summer of 2008. I asked him to step up to the trailer and he cautiously did so and took a couple of sniffs. Then I just asked him to come forward into the trailer and he hopped right in!! He does retain training from years ago obviously.

Good bye Brego...we wish you and your new mom all the best!!

The End...of a very long story with a happy ending~


Cheyenne said...

I sense a tinge of loss?...Blended with a pleasure, that he has gone to a good place. Its always a real wrench for me, if I had the resources? aahh?

But like most folks, money is always an issue these days.

Mikey said...

Ahh, look at all your snow! Amazing...
I'm glad you finally found Brego his human. It's a good feeling, although like Cheyenne says, I detect a tinge of loss. But he's going to a good place. Just hard to let them go.

B Lancton said...

I don't even know Brego, but it brought a few tears to my eyes..... yep, good-byes are hard.

Crystal said...

Congrats again on the sale. We got our first snow yesterday morning as well, but only about half inch.

Jennifer said...

That snow sure looks pretty! We're in the midst of a dust storm.

Brego's Mum said...


I am Brego's new home :) I was even sad to see him leave Karen, but I promised her and everyone else he will have a great life, full of adventure out here on the East coast when he leave's Corrine's in Feb/March. I am just so happy to have Brego and cannot thank Karen enough!

Shirley said...

New adventures for Brego! Hey, Brego's Mum, are you going to start a blog so we can all stay connected?

Reddunappy said...

Sounds like Brego is going to have a great new life!!!!

Brego's Mum said...

Hi Shirley

Thank you - I have never had a blog but I guess I can make one for Brego LOL I think it would be fun and you guys get to see him be a pampered East coast grass eating, blanket wearing dressage horse LOL! I plan to do Western dressage and English dressage naturally with him (not old classic style dressage) :)

Mary said...

Yes Brego's Mom, please do a blog of some sort, I would love to hear about his progress!

It's so hard to beleive we're talking about snow again. I could just about smell the snow in those pictures, weird. I am happy Brego will get the attention he so much deserves. If only it couldv'e been me. Some day, my turn will come.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Ick! Snow! I'm not ready for that stuff at all. Congrats on the sale - sounds like he's going to a nice place with some nice people.

Kim said...

We got a dusting of snow last weekend, but not enough to stick around. I'm sure saying goodbye to Brego is bittersweet.

Janice said...

Eww that looks really really cold.I feel a little sad to see Brego loaded and ready to go....and a lot happy that he found a good place to land. I to hope his new owner starts a Brego Blog or at least keeps in tough with Karen on his progress.

Brego's Mum said...

Hi I guess I need to figure out how to set up his blog - OOHH Karen!!!! :)

I would be happy to blog his adventures I think it will be fun and I can blog them from his point of view :)

Rhonda said...

Snow sure makes things look different. Best wishes for Brego and his new place. :)

Brego's Mum said...

Thanks Rhonda

Well I started a blog, not much there yet but this is where Brego will keep you all up to date! We are figuring out how this blogging thing works LOL

Maia said...

What a happy sad day. Please keep us posted :) on how Blego is doing. Oh yes, Blego's mum, glad there's another east coast cowgirl around.

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