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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coat Time for Cindy Sue

Actually, Cindy Sue's been wearing her coat for a couple of weeks now...poor lil' thing has no hair!! We had that bit of snow almost three weeks ago and it's been dry, cold and windy ever since. We had a sprinkle of rain this mornin' but it lasted a whole 10 minutes.

But, it's supposed to be cooling off this afternoon and a front is coming in with some chance of snow tonight and all day tomorrow. It doesn't look like too much snow is going to fall, but the wind is really blowing the leaves off the trees finally!

We're practicing for this week's Sunday Stills~Portraits~without too much success :(
And yes, I promised Cindy Sue a new's on my "never ending to do" list.
The 3J Ranch has another batch of cow/calf pairs that need gathering and sorted for weaning, and I guess we're going to help them on Saturday or Sunday...which ever day's going to have the best weather so the calves won't get too stressed.

If you've been wondering about Bella Jo, all is good in her world it seems (it's still way too quiet around the house without her)! I spoke with the gal and Bella Jo's fitting in really nicely. The lil' grand daughter is actually 4 years old...her name is Sophie...and all the first evening she had to keep going out to the garage and see Bella Jo.

I guess Sophie's been caught in the cat's bed with the cat before (that would be a cute photo!) it won't surprise me that she'll be doing the same with Bella Jo! The grandmother said that Sophie is the animal lover of all the grand kids, and it sounds like she is...lucky for Bella Jo!! The gal is supposed to give me a call this weekend with an update, and if all is well, I'll mail her all of Bella Jo's vet records...I guess that would make it pretty official.

Do you believe in fate? Whether it's fate or just something that's meant to be...there's always a reason. A friend of mine hadn't stopped by my blog for a while and decided to do so just after I had posted about Bella Jo going to a new home.

Timing is everything...

She's done "unofficial" rescue for many years and has been fostering an Australian Shepherd...the dog had been dumped at the public rest area west of Burns and left to starve...they've had the dog for about 9 months or so...waiting for the right home to come along...and if it didn't, well, they'd just keep him...he will always have a home with them.

This is Red
Red is most likely a purebred Australian Shepherd from some good blood lines. They tried him on their neighbor's cows and he's got lots of drive...pure instinct. He's about a year and a half old, loyal, affectionate, crate trained, travels well, and gets along with other dogs...been neutered...all that good stuff.

So, we're scheduled to go take a look at Red this weekend. I've been reading as much as time will allow on training a dog correctly...something that I didn't do as well as I should have with Bella Jo...and I'm just hoping that he's not too much dog and that I can finish train him correctly. My friend has done a lot of the basics with him...she says he needs to just get tuned in.

The training thing is confusing enough in itself with so many people with their own programs out's just as bad as trying to choose a horse trainer!!!

I'm not getting too excited...I'm actually more apprehensive of making the right decision...


lisa said...

Sounds like you are going to the dogs ;) Don't fret too much, you go with your instincts and I think you will do fine. I agree, with there being so many people to choose from on training, rather it be dogs or horses!

Shirley said...

If you click with the dog, the training thing will fall into place; there's plenty of resources out there but I really recommend finding someone who works their dogs the way you like and spending time with them, getting some hands on (paws on?) knowhow.
I'm making Merle a coat; the smallest one I could buy is too big.

gtyyup said...

Thanks Lisa!

Shirley~Definitely gotta have that click thing. In our area, there are NO dog trainers, but no dog trainers...that's the thing that's always bothered me. I think my friend has about as much experience as I'm going to find, and I'm going to approach her about working with her. Most all the ranchers just take their dogs out and work. Then I go and help multiple ranchers and they all have a little bit of a different way of doing I need to be able to accommodate...but not to the detriment of the dog of course! I read some of Bud Williams stuff and he sure has some great methods, but that's not how things are done here.

Crystal said...

I dont have a cow dog, but I agree there are many different ways to train a dog (and most dogs I dont like which is a big part of why i dont have one I dont want my dog to be the bad one) But I think you will know too if he is right and would be kinda nice to have her help you finish him the way you want.

Maia said...

First of all Cindy Sue aren't just the cutest in your winter outfit. And secondly, any dog who comes to live with you is one lucky animal. This whole thing reminds me that the right door can't open as long as your clinging to the wrong one.

Keepin my fingers crossed that red is the right door.

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