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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bella Jo Meets a New Family

My, how the days, months and years fly by! November 7th was Bella Jo's 2nd year Gotcha Day anniversary with us.

She has turned out to be such a nice dog...loving and quiet yet playful with lots of energy at the right times. But, she never did like working cows (which is why I got her). Her last outing with us was the first day of the two day cattle drive at the beginning of October. On the morning of the second day, we had the horses loaded and I opened the door for her to get into the back seat of the truck, and she ran into one of the dog houses and laid down...she wouldn't come.

I still don't know why...nothing bad was a good day, and she had a blast. Since then, I've asked her to get into the truck to go somewhere (without horses) and she still wouldn't get in...she'd run and hide in a dog house.

And Beyond the Next Hill?
Beautiful Bella Jo

A couple of days ago, I happened to see an ad on FaceBook's Harney County Free Classified's from a gal that was wanting to give away a border collie. Another woman made a comment about having just lost her 17 year old cattle dog and they were looking for I messaged the woman that was looking for a dog.

It's one of those things that you really don't think anything will come of it...and I really hadn't made a plan for Bella Jo; I just knew that I wanted/needed a dog that will help me. Bella Jo would always have a home here...but it seemed like an option to explore.

So the woman called me and we talked and they made arrangements to come and see her Saturday afternoon. I was working at the PostOffice that day and told them I'd be home at 3:30, but My Man would be home all day.

Well, they (husband and wife of retirement age) came a little before 3 o'clock...tagging along were their 3 grandchildren...the littlest one who was probably 2 years old. The wife said the little one was the animal lover and was their biggest concern...the dog had to love children. The lil' one was hugging and playing with Bella Jo in all of two friends. When asked if this was the dog she wanted the answer was "Yes, I like this dog." The lil' girl loved Bella Jo and kept repeating her name over and over again.

My Man told them about her bad experience with her first owner and riding in the bed of a pick up (she's scared to death to do that) and that Bella Jo hadn't been wanting to go in the back seat of our pick up lately. The man asked if she would get in their hatch back type car...they opened the back and two kids got in, My Man asked Bella Jo to load up and she hopped right in. The man closed the back and there she sat with her new best friends.

The man and wife talked about her food and some other details...then down the driveway they went...Bella Jo sitting between the two kids...seeming quite happy.

They were very caring people (they had had their other dog for 17 years), they have 50 acres so Bella Jo will have plenty of room to run, and they were impressed with how well mannered Bella Jo seemed like a very good fit.

Bella's Kind Eye
The last photo I took of Bella Jo.

I didn't get to say good bye...and I've shed a lot of tears...the house seems very quiet. My heart is sad, yet happy as long as Bella Jo is happy. I've called the folks this morning and left a message...I hope to hear from them this afternoon...Bella Jo will always have a home here~


Mikey said...

Aww, but it seems like a good thing. I hope she's real happy. Like you said, she can always come back if she isn't. I think you did a good thing.

Shirley said...

Awwww... hugs...
I know how you feel; since I just found a new home for Sammi. She just wasn't fitting in here, and the home she found is perfect- a couple whose last two border collies passed away a year ago at the age of 18, well loved and cared for. Sammi took to them right away, as if they were the family she was always meant to have. Some times dogs just know.

Maria said...

Made my eyes sting. Nothing worse than having to give leave to an animal but it seems you made the right decision and the kids will be happy with the dog. Bella Jo made the decision when she jumped in the hatch back. ~M

Jeni said...

awe Gtyyup - I'm sorry for this loss. It's amazing how fast that wheel turned. I sure sounds like her story needed to move on, and she figured out where her next chapter is.

Maybe getting in touch with the couple and visiting so you can say "good bye" and make sure it's a good place for her will put you at rest.

Sending a hug across the miles.


Reddunappy said...

It is hard to let them go. Raising Guide dogs, sometimes its really tuff to take them back for training. We have our last one back as a pet after he didnt make the cut.
At least you know she went to a very happy place!!!! ((hugs))

Reddunappy said...

Where is Cindy Sue??

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Aww...Sorry you didn't get to say good-bye, but it sounds like Bella Jo made the decision that this family was right up her alley.

Hopefully you find the good working partner you need in the next dog.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes things are just meant to be! You did good..if Bella Jo was happy ..then you should be too:) Darn animals worm their way into your heart:(

Maia said...

Ahh, another happy sad post. Hugs from the east coast.

Cheyenne said...

Happy an` sad. But not bad! Thats the main thing.

cdncowgirl said...

Even when its a good thing it can still hurt. Probably more so because you didn't get to say goodbye.

mj said...

You have had her best interests in mind since the day you brought her home. I remember back when you rescued her and you questioned whether she'd come around even then. She's turned into a happy and healthy girl, and yet I'm pretty sure that you still had her best interests in mind with this move. It was a treat to watch Bella grow into a more confident and cared about young dog. Thank you for that!
Parting is always sorrowful, even when you know it's the right fit for the dog. I hope that she enjoys a happy, full life with her new family. Hugs to you.

froglander said...

She may have only been with you for a short time, but it sounds like she found a place in your heart.

Maybe she'll prefer herding kids to working cattle?

Val said...

I'm glad I came and checked this out.

Sounds like she'll have a perfect loving home!

Rhonda said...

That's too bad you didn't get to say goodbye to Bella Jo before she went to a new home. I pray things will go alright, and she will be happy there, though. Best wishes.

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