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Friday, July 29, 2011

Early Mornin's at the Rough String~Post #500

~No man can know the thoughts of a woman.~
~Martha Austin 1899~

Unbelievably to me...this is my 500th post! I had no idea how much enjoyment I would get out of blogging...or the number of wonderful people I would meet...or how much I had to say! I started in October of 2008 when a Dogster mom friend mentioned her blog (an awesome artist and her sidekick Rat Terrier Cloud)...I hadn't a clue what the word "blog" even meant!

Well, it didn't take long to figure it out and because of all of you it's been quite a ride!

I want to thank everyone for stoppin' by and reading about my snippets of life here at the Rough String, and I truly appreciate your comments! I will try harder to respond to your questions (I'm very bad at following up in that department and apologize). I've really enjoyed the photo aspect of blogging too...telling a story through photos...well, it's probably 'cause I'm a lil' more of a visual person.


Really what I want to say is...

I'm glad you're along for the ride!!

Well, it's Friday again, and I've enjoyed posting the past few weeks with a couple of blog hops that focus on farming/country life living/ranching. One is Dandelion House (but her blog has disappeared...I hope she finds her way out of the internet black hole pretty soon), and the other is Farmchick's Farm Photo Friday ~ Link Party. Please visit her blog...good food recipes and farm life abound over there!

So...on with today's post!!

This mornin' before the sun came up, we woke to the wonderful sound of a tractor and the squeak of the rake. There was moisture in the air and the heavenly smell of alfalfa filled our home. doesn't get much better than that!!  We hope to be stacking bales out of our field on Sunday!! Second cutting is gorgeous...beautifully green...those dairy cows are gonna LOVE it!

Rackin' the Wind Rows
Hay Man Rudy's wife is at the helm...along with three dogs in the cab!
Now that's a Farm Girl!!!

As I make my way out of the house with a cup of coffee in hand, I enjoy the droning sound of the tractor and squeak of the rake at the end of each row, deeply breathe in the aroma (I'll need to remember these days when it's 0 degrees and the snow is blowin' sideways), and watch the sun come up over Hat Butte. The barn is the first stop...I let Colt out of his stall/run to graze on pasture for the day and clean up the manure.

Then I head for the garden. I know there's peas to be picked and hope they're not too ripe. I'm sure glad My Man and I worked so hard at expending the raised beds this past spring...I had room to spare for more plants...OK, next year I'll do that!

Mid-Summer Garden
The new section of the garden has bush beans, zucchini, tomatoes
cabbage, bell peppers and hot peppers.

Peas Anyone?!?
Oh good...the peas look like I'm not too late!

With a Cherry Tomato on Top
A basket full of peas with a cherry tomato on top!
I picked that one tomato before the birds ate it like they did the first few!

Sweet Onions...Yum!
Walla Walla Sweet best crop of them yet.
I have another section just like this one.
We're gonna have onions comin' outa our ears!

Onion Seed
A volunteer onion from last year popped up,
and it has these beautiful seed buds on top...
guess I better pull that onion, it's ready to eat!

Yesterday was another yearly mornin' too...up at 4 AM to get Colt fed...myself fed...the dogs fed...get Colt saddled...Ty would be there by 6 AM to pick us up to help move cow/calf pairs. sure felt good to be out movin' cows again!

These pairs are grazing on BLM allotments. They are rotated between three allotments so they don't over graze the land. So, we gather up everything from one field and trail them to the next one. Proper grazing management is essential for the continued healthy growth of grass for years to come. These allotments cover thousands of acres and gathering and trailing by horseback is the only way it can be done.

Colt loves his job!

As you can see by Colt's head gear, I'm still riding him in the two-rein, but am working more and more off the bit. He's doing well...I've got to have him straight up in the bridle by September...just a month away!

Move 'um Out
Colt 'n I have a lil' bunch moving west. Ty was off on our left pushing more
pairs up to us...our bunch kept getting growing.

Dog Days of Summer
One happy, cool Cow Dog! There are water troughs through out
the BLM allotments. They not only supply water to cattle but to
the native wildlife too...and occasionally a hot dog or two!

High Desert
The view across the valley...Steens Mountain is on the horizon on the right.
Riddle Mountain begins with the rolling hills on the left.
We rode back to the ranch house and arrived by 1 PM...and it was plenty hot by then. Colt got unsaddled and put into a paddock with Ty's horse Cole for a good roll and some cool water. Then a tasty lunch and a cool drink ended another good day in the saddle.

Thanks for ridin' with me...have a great Friday and a fantastic fun-filled weekend!


Allison at Novice Life said...

GREAT photos!!!! I LOVE the smell of fresh cut hay!

EvenSong said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!
They're cutting second cutting around here, too. The alfalfa looks SO lush and thick and green, especially compared to the more common timothy hay around here. And you're right--the aroma is intoxicating!

Shirley said...

Congratulations on 500 posts! It's been great riding along with you.
Here's to the next 500!
I've enjoyed watching Colt's progress, hope you put up some videos when you get to cutting on him this fall.

Cheyenne said...

Well done! The blog is very good,I love trippin` back and forward.The pics are as usual,excellent!

lisa said...

Great pictures of past and present! Congrats on the 500th post! Your garden looks great and it sure looks better than mine, I think I have a weed patch rather than a garden this year!

Alana Jo said...

Congrats on your 500th post. Gorgeous photos as always!

Mikey said...

Congrats on 500 posts! That's awesome! Love this whole post, I couldn't get over those peas. They must grow super fast up there. Every time you post, especially pics of the landscape, I just yearn to be up there. It's SO beautiful!!

cdncowgirl said...

Congrats! I just celebrated my 500th too :)

Our neighbour just cut & baled our hay field and it looks pretty good! I love the sweet smell of good hay :)

Linda said...

Congrats on the's been nice getting to know you. Your garden is looking great and some day I'd really like to be ALONG for the ride;)

Mary said...

I am so thriled to have found your blog. I love reading about your ranching life and I thoroughly enjoy your beautiful photos.
Your garden really turned out nice.
I would gladly hop out of bed at the crack of dawn to spend a day like you did on Friday, it really sounds wonderful.
Happy 500th! I look forward to reading many, many more.

gowestferalwoman said...

Ooo Happy 500th!!!

I love your photography - you put us there right along side of you...except I wanted to eat the peas NOW out of the bowl instead of waiting to get them inside the house...teehee!

Anonymous said...

Happy 500th blog post. I always love seeing your beautiful photography, make me feel like I'm there. :)

Rhonda said...

I enjoy you and your blog very much! Loved the photos of alfalfa ... your garden ... looking out over Colt's ears (miss that perspective, ha). Thanks for sharing!

Crystal said...

Looks good! Congrats on 500 posts, tahts amazing!
I like all your pictures, sure looks like fun moving all them cows in such beautiful country.

Janice said...

Congrats on 500, I'm still working on it. I think we started blogging at about the same time or there abouts. I just don't have as interesting a life as you do.Your Alfalfa is beautiful I can smell it from here and that garden is looking like something I might want to go raiding.....nah I'm to old for that stuff. Your Wordless Wed. was pretty nice too.

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