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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gardening and More Gardening~Whew!

~Hard work makes a woman haggard and thin.~
~Gail Bailey 1910~

I started another part-time I really need another one. But my dear friend Sam who died last month worked at the Princeton Post Office. It worked out that it would fit my schedule and it's usually only 1-2 days a month and when our Postmistress is on vacation. So, I've been training this week, hence a late post about our busy "gardening" weekend...two fun-filled days of gettin' down in the dirt!

This was the size of my raised vegetable bed for the
past two years. It was REALLY crowded.

With Cowboy's help and approval, I laid out a plan. Cindy Sue seems to be very happy
about the layout...Bella Jo and Abby obviously don't give a darn!

Instrumental in the construction phase is My Man...what a sweet guy.
But, he tends to like those home grown tomatoes ;~)
First drill the hole through the rail and then run a 2 1/2 foot length
of re-bar through to hold in place.

Then with the handy-dandy lil' tractor, layer dirt and compost. Thank
goodness for the tractor...we'd be lost without it!

Set in more rails...layer more dirt...and then the rain moved in.
We waited a while to see if it would just be a shower, but no such was a steady rain. But before it turned everything to mud, I went out and planted the section we had the rain.

The next mornin' we finished the last section, and
 I planted, and then laid out the soaker hoses.

The final touch...a fence to keep the critters out!
Well, it works pretty good except for the dang sage rats.
I think that's who nipped off the leaves of some
of my peppers and my zucchini plant...grrrrrrr.

With that completed, it's off to the front yard.

Last summer we put in the front deck, and My Man
built the flower trough for me. We've finally gotten to good
enough weather to plant! So, I needed to get soil into
the trough and put in the bedding plants I had bought.

Ahhhhh...things are starting to come together!

Last fall I made this flower bed. It's going to be much easier to take care
of rather than mowing. I'll get the soaker hose out and it will be easy.
But, I've got a lot of blank spots that need plants. I've been gathering
starts of heirloom plants from neighboring ranches. It's
been a fun project. I also ran out of bark mulch and need to
get a few more bags to get it covered. I'm excited to watch
the flower bed develop as the perennials expand year after year.

Here is a link to the post from last summer showing what the front yard looked like before the deck and the new flower bed.

Well, after all that, My Man said I should go ride a horse...well, twist my arm!!!

Come on Colt...let's ride!


Mikey said...

Wow, that looks amazing! You've done a fine job! Wanna come down here and do mine? I feel like such a slacker, looking at all the work you've done!

lisa said...

Now that a lot of hard work! I know, too! I have potatoes and corn yet to plant in the garden and that will be done and the flowers went in a couple of weeks ago! Your deck is going to look great with all those lovely flowers and nothing like a ride after all that hard work!

Mary said...

I really like the way you snaked the raised garden bed around and about like that, very good use of space. I checked back on the before posts, Wow what a difference, it really looks homey and nice over there. (that was a busy week-end too!) I was wondering, did you do the "lasagna" method? sounds like a great idea, but a lot of set up initially. Is the alfalfa holding up? I know we've had some rain, hoping it hasn't affected the field badly.
Mary & Freddy

gtyyup said...

Mikey...there's never anything slackin' 'bout you!!! I get tired just readin' your blog ;~)

Mary~Yes, I did do the lasagna bed thing. The cardboard really does keep the grass back, but my bed depth seems to have shrunk because when I dig a hole for a plant, I go through the cardboard. I'm concerned that the grass will come up with the plants...guess only time will tell. Really, it wasn't that time consuming to do it. It took me longer to figure out my layout...I didn't want to make the wrong decision and have to redo something!

Rhonda said...

Everything looks good! And I really like all the flowers by your deck. :) Hope you enjoyed your ride! Colt's looking NICE.

Ed said...

Looks great, I wish we had a tractor for ours, but we manageg with the wheelbarrel. Cindy Sue and Cowboy should keep the rats at bay..:-))

Linda said...

Looks good! Nice to have the help too ;)

Maia said...

Oh my that looks like a ton of work, but well worth it. Show us some shots when everything starts coming up. As always great pictures.

Shirley said...

There is just something so satisfying about getting the garden in. I like the user friendly layout of your raised beds. Mine is one big rectangle.
Is that a little greenhouse behind your rhubarb plant?

Alana Jo said...

Looks really good! I'm envious of that tractor!

Anonymous said...

a lot of work, but a job well done. I like that it isn't just a big rectangle, that you made it look interesting as well as functional. And you're so lucky to have the tractor to lug the dirt and compost. Good luck with your garden and have a great weekend

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