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Monday, February 28, 2011

March is Blowin' In!

~Sometimes I try so hard to be happy, I forget that I'm not.~
~Billie Randolph 1901~

I just call these days "Winnie the Pooh" days. But it sounds like a lot of folks are having the same thing...lots of wind!

When I let the boys out of the barn this mornin', and they had to kick up their heels for a good 15 minutes. I sure wish the sun would have been out, the photos would have been so much better.

My Lil' Man Gus
Gus was havin' a GREAT time!

They raced back and forth numerous times...Whiskey and Toby just kept eating their breakfast watching them 'n lookin' at 'em like "I remember those days!"

Let's Play!!
The boys will be boys.

As I unplugged the tank heater for the Wild Bunch, I noticed two owls in their favorite elm tree. Momma owl is supposed to be sitting on their eggs. I walked to the nest, and didn't see anything. I hope nothing's gone wrong. It could be that Momma owl is just hunkered down in the nest, and I can't see her...and maybe one of these two owls is an owlet from last year. I keep going to the window and checking, but there are still two owls in the tree (hangin' on for dear life in the wind!).

Hangin' On
Who's sittin' on the eggs?!?

While I was checking on the owls, I spotted a flash of color at the bird feeder...I got this shot from inside the house (through the window) with full zoom on. We don't get many colorful birds...this is a nice change!

Color at the Feeder
Nice to see some color at the bird feeder!

Happy Monday everyone...have a great week!!


Cheyenne said...

Yes they are nice to see, those owls look a tad cold!!

Danielle Barlow said...

Gus is just so beautiful!
I'd love to be able to see owls like that. Are they always out in the daytime? All our owls are night birds only.

lisa said...

You are right the wind is everywhere, it wasn't too bad this morning then all of sudden the wind picked up like crazy! I loved your owl shots. Don't you just love it when the birds come in to eat!?

Annette said...

Love the new banner!!

DarcC said...

Love the new banner, love the boys being boys, love the owls, love the house finch. Hate the wind, obviously it's blowing clear across the continent and howling here too! My blind mare's seeing eye pony is named Winnie the Pooh, but I just call her butterball, since she's an - ahem - tubby palomino. Apropos of nothing.

Gus and Colt sure are handsome!

gtyyup said...

Danielle~These owls only fly and feed at night too. They spend their day in one spot...unless someone like Cindy Sue or myself gets too close to their young and attack!! We have four elm trees and they don't always roost in the same tree every day either. But, as soon as dusk starts moving in, you can watch them start moving around in the tree, stretching their wings...getting ready for another night.

Lisa~I have to admit that the only reason we feed the birds is to keep them out of the chicken coop!!! They eat all the chicken feed...lil' buggers. But, yes, they are fun to watch...they're like a school of piranha when they feed!!

DarcC~Winnie the Pooh sounds adorable!

Jeni said...

Love the pictures of the wild boys! Owl pictures are cool too. Never seen "wild" owls... maybe someday

cdncowgirl said...

Love the pic of Colt & Gus! And the new header!!

Was surprised you have a bird feeder with no casualties... our barn kitties would have a feast, or the deer would eat it all lol

Maia said...

Love your banner and you pictures are great. Here's a tip for the shot of the two horses. In elements, make a selection of the darker horse and using levels, lighten him up just a little.

Sarah said...

I love to see the horses get all wound up when they are feelin their oats in weather changes! And I love the owl shots. I hope she is just hiding in the nest and nothing has happened to cause them not to hatch a batch this year!

Rising Rainbow said...

The boys look like they're having a great time. That is a brightly colored bird for ice and snow. The owls do look darn cold. I hope the wind lets up soon.

Vaquerogirl said...

Nice shots of your gallopin' boys!
I do like owls, I had a Great Horned in my pine tree behind my bedroom for a few years. Then the tree fell down and the owls moved on.

Love the new banner!

Ed said...

Great shots of the boys and the Owl shot is superb. I'm pretty sure the red visitor is a house finch..:-)

Susan said...

I think that rosy bird is a house finch, but I'm not positive. We've been getting a lot of wind here, that's for sure. Are your horses doing any shedding?

gtyyup said...

cdncowgirl~we only have one cat and he's pretty old now (15 I think), so he gets an occasional mouse, and the bird feeder is on top of the chicken coop, so the deer can't reach it, besides, they don't come into our yard too often.

Maia~I'll play with it a lil' bit and see what happens...thanks!

Susan~Yes!! They're all starting to shed...some more than others as usual. But it's a good sign of spring!

Shirley said...

Nice banner. I think the photo of Gus and Colt would make a great Rough String Christmas card.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Ugh - I was just telling someone about your owls. Hope all is well out there :-/.

Val said...

March came in quietly here, but the gals were like your boys, bucking and carrying on this morning!

Antonella said...

What beauty, love watching the boys - they look like they are having fun... Things are still pretty gray here, but winter is starting to lose the battle with spring - lol.
Hugs, antonella :-)

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