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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workin' Girl Wednesday

~I'm proud to be a strong woman,
even though the men don't like it so much.~
~Mable Smith 1898~

Ah yes...the workin' Girls of the Rough String Ranch. They literally finally got back to work!

Yea, I'm a Workin' Girl~They Just Want Me for My Eggs
Yea, I'm a workin' girl. They just want me for my eggs!

We started with six Barred Rock chicks last spring and one died. The Girls really didn't produce very good through the summer and fall. Then the molt came on and of course nothin' happened then.

I felt sorry for the poor Girls...half naked when we had that cold spell a few weeks ago! They have a heat lamp, so they all huddled up to it!

Workin' Girls
The Girls enjoy time out of the coop...but I keep a close eye on them.

Eggs...It's What's for Breakfast
All the pretty eggs in a row~

We even had to break down and buy store taste and texture like rubber...oh we missed our  Girl's eggs.

Fresh from the Farm
None of the eggs are the same (like the ones you buy in the store)...we strive for individuality!

But, the Girls are back workin' again...

Reward from Fresh Eggs!
This beats McDonald's any day!!

Enjoy an eggstraordinary Wednesday!


texwisgirl said...

Your girls are too cute! Glad they're all fluffed out and laying again!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Soon enough we'll have our own! I can't wait till spring and I can finish working on the chicken coop.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Cute Post !
I had chickens when the kids were all living at home, I miss them.......the kids too.

Sydney_bitless said...

I wonder what caused them to go off laying eggs. I know when the weather is bad, storming, windy, too hot, too cold the chickens I take care off won't lay a darned egg.

Susan said...

My hens stop laying when they molt in the fall, and they frequently get caught bare-butted when the first really cold weather hits. What I find strange is that they start laying again right around the winter solstice. You'd think they wouldn't lay again until the days start getting longer.

Tracey said...

Mmmm....I want my working girls to get back to work! My steady layer has also entered the molt stage. What's with that? Winter molt? No feathers to keep herself warm with.

Now I'm hungry for eggs.

Nina P. said...

Brings back memories of when I was young. You are right, there is nothing like the taste of fresh eggs!! :-) Blessings to you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year! Love and Light, Nina P.

Cheyenne said...

Goodness me! If we`d known you needed hens that laid good eggs!(Ha!) I could have let you have a couple of hundred!
I just went and sold all of our poultry business last month! All ours were real free range, no funny stuff on our place, good clean fresh all shapes, colours and sizes eggs!!

Good luck with the girls! Try some Maran hens, they are dual purpose, and lay a hell of an egg!!!!

Crystal said...

Wow wish you could get the eggs without the chickens!

Maia said...

Ahh, your girls are so cute. Glad their back in the saddle. :)

Rhonda said...

Love seeing the chickens and the eggs! The hens are sure pretty. :) Good grief that sandwich looked good! (I see you use cast iron - we LOVE ours and use it all the time.)

wendy said...

I LOVE homemade Egg McMuffins....can we call it a McMuffin??
The hens are gorgeous.

Ed said...

MMMM Eggs, thank you ladies..:-))

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