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Friday, December 17, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

~I can carry everything I own in my buggy,
and I just might leave this place.~
~Carrie Black 1901~

I found some beautiful sunshine when I went out to get some juniper branches to make a Christmas was wonderful!

Virginia Valley
Lookin' east up Virginia Valley

Virginia Valley
Anderson Valley meets Virginia Valley

Virginia Valley
Lookin' NW up Anderson Valley...the butte in center left is Hat Butte that lies just east of our place

Enjoy skies from around the world by going to SkyWatch Friday!


texwisgirl said...

Really beautiful - looks wide open with possibilities. :)

Crystal said...

That sky is a real pretty color there, we been having grey most days here.

wilsonc said...

You do live in God's country, but then you know that already don't you ;)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I love riding in that kind of country. You are one lucky lady!

Cheyenne said...

I gotta get me a damn Ranch!!!!!!Lol! said...

the first oneis simply WONDERFUL

lisa said...

Such beautiful country!

Summer said...

Beautiful Pictures! Reminds me of my home here in South Dakota! It's grand living on the open land isn't it?
Merry Christmas to you as well!!!

Val said...

Oh wow...I sure do love the White Horse for Christmas song...lovely~what I needed to hear tonight!...Love visiting with you on Flickr and here!


Nat said...

Truly amazing, what a beautiful view.

Maia said...

How lovely. Your eye is perfection and you have the talent to go with it.

DayPhoto said...

BEAUTIFUL! You and I live in God's country!


Ed said...

Beautiful shots!!!! :-)

gowestferalwoman said...

Im not quite sure, but open plains is really what makes my heart sing. i mean that - that sing part!

We have that here in Otter Montana, but we also have some hills with ponderosa and juniper. and I love every bit of it.

Your Header picture makes my heart sing!

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