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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snakes are Supposed to Stay OUTSIDE!!!

This will be my first ever post without photos. All I can say is that I couldn't find my camera in the heat of the battle (and it was sitting right there within arm's reach)!

I'm sitting at the dining room table working on editing my ag surveys for the day and My Man yells to me "there's a snake under the sink!" Well, that got my attention pretty darn quick. So, "what kind of snake" I asked him. Then he says "I think it's a bull snake."

THANK GOD! I don't know what we would have done if it had been a rattler...I guess I probably would have called Mikey over at Postcards from Arizona...she does this sort of thing all the time! If you need something done, call a pro...right Mikey   ;~)   !!! then I'm peeking in the cabinet under the utility sink in the utility room...My Man's right again! There's a dang snake in there...and it's pretty big too...probably 2 1/2 feet!

We're looking at each other like "Who wants to get the snake?" Ha! I'll let My Man have all the fun ;~)

So, I'm 'coaching' him from behind the cabinet door..."Grab it by the tail, grab it by the tail!" He does...and he says "dang, he's strong." The snake pulled himself free and slithered into the far corner and hissed at him!

We proceed to take more bottles and containers out from the cabinet, so My Man can get a clear catch at the lil' sucker. My Man grabs the cleaning bucket and tries to herd the invader into the bucket...the snake hisses at him some more and coils up in a ball...Mr. Snake isn't very happy...but then neither are we!

All of a sudden Mr. Snake makes a run for the open door and we slam it shut...geez...the last thing we need is the snake inside the whole house! My Man runs outside and comes back in with tools...a foot long screwdriver and a huge channel-lock plier...what?!?

"Don't kill the snake, just grab him by the tail" I coach which the reply was "Do you want to do it?"!

So, My Man tries again to get our new friend into the bucket with the screwdriver...and the snake misses the bucket and takes off into the mud room...with My Man in hot pursuit!

"Open the door, open the door...I've got him!!!"

Sling!  Out the door goes the bewildered and pissed off snake, landing with a big thud!

Then the silly thing kept heading back toward the house! Go figure!  My Man finally gets him into a 5 gallon bucket and takes him over to the edge of the alfalfa field...the snake took off into the tall alfalfa...hopefully to never be seen again!

We haven't a clue how he got in there...maybe from underneath the house where the plumbing comes up. Now that is all sealed with the foam insulation that stuff dries as hard as a rock.

But, I still keep looking for snakes in the house!

BTW...if my dearest friend Debbie is reading this (I hope not)...I PROMISE that there will be NO snakes in the house when you come to visit us this summer...honest ;~)


jane augenstein said...

That's some story, too bad you didn't get any pictures but I understand!

I was sweeping the living room one day in the summer and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a small black racer dropping out of the doorway from the sun room!!! He hit the carpet, he was less than a foot long, baby but eekkks! A snake in the house! I caught him in a pint jar and set him on the kitchen counter. When my husband came home I told him we had an unexpected guest "drop" in for dinner!!! Little snake went to the garden, it was a black racer, harmless but none the less gave me quite a fright!!!

Hope you got things sealed up so you have no more uninvited guests!!!

Dreaming said...

Love it! Love hearing how your manly man took care of it!
Thanks for sharing and hopefully, may you have no more snakes in your house!!!!!

Country Whispers said...

I hate snakes.
Thank goodness you got him and he didn't make it further into the house.

Reddunappy said...

See there is an adventage to living on the wet side of the state!!! LOL LOL LOL
AT least you know Bull snakes are around and eating those rattlers!!!
I do dislike snake too!!! Never had one in the house tho!!!

Faithful said...

I kinda like the thought of a snake around (eating all the hated varmits) although they do give ya quiie a startle ha! ha!..thinkin' they may be a rattler! Glad you didn't kill it.

Tammy said...

I think I'd have to move.... ;)

Crystal said...

yikes, scary. We had a garter snake in our living room once, not so scary (only about 8 inches long), but sure was a suprise.

Sydney_bitless said...

Buggers have been bad here too. I have seen more water moccasins this year than ever before.

Cassie said...

Cassie started barking by our front door a couple of years I finally went to see what she was doing..a SNAKE was in our living room!! Thank DOG Jim was home....I grabbed Cassie and ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut behind me while he herded the thing into a bucket and then took it and tossed it over the fence a LONG way from the house.

gtyyup said...

JaneA~Dropping from the ceiling?!? That would totally creep me out!!!

Reddunappy & Faithful& Crystal~Yes, we appreciate all the good that the Bull snakes's just the "surprise" when they surprise you! No, My Man wasn't intending on killing it...he just needed Manly tools ;~) LOL!

Tammy~This is the first one in the house in 5 years...I guess I can deal with it.

Sydney~Those water moccasins give me the creeps after watching Lonesome Dove!

Cassie~You good doggie gurl you! Protect yer family! Woof says Cindy Sue & Cowboy too!

Paint Girl said...

That would terrify me! I don't do well with snakes, they are my worst enemy! I have a severe fear of them and I would have run in the other direction!
I would be doing what you are doing, thinking that there could be more in the house and I don't think I would be able to sleep knowing that!
Glad you guys got him out of the house and that it wasn't a rattler!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Eeek! I'm glad it wasn't a rattler, too. We have lots of bull snakes around here, and I'm glad because they keep the rattlers away....but those bull snakes can be very stubborn and even a little bit aggressive. And they sure do hiss really loud!

We had a monster of a bull snake on our front porch last summer, if you remember. He would not leave no matter how we tried to persuade him. He held his ground, hissing and growling and striking out at us!
I was able to video tape it and posted it on my blog.

And you know what? I get a ton of hits on that video on You Tube. I think most people have never had a hiss stand their ground like that and hiss and rattle their tail like a mock rattler.

Here's the link to that post if you want to see the video (or maybe you don't want to be reminded of your own snake experience. lol!)


Rain said...

One good thing about bull snakes is they will kill and eat rattlesnakes. That said, I am never thrilled when one ends up in the house. Up here that mostly happens when a cat gets one and brings it through the cat door :(

CTG Ponies said...

I think it would FREAK out if a snake was in my house!

Cowgirl in the City said...

EEK! I'd still be having nightmares if I'd found a snake in the house! In face I might have nightmares anyway!

Vaquerogirl said...

Thanks for the morning laugh! I can only imagine!
My hubby would have thought I brought it in!

Oregon Equestrian said...

OMG! My worst nightmare. I wouldn't be able to sleep ever again!

Anonymous said...

My in-laws had caught over 100 in their old house one spring.....they built a new house! Check your dryer vent maybe he came in through there although I don't know how he'd have got out of the dryer. I got mice that way once.

Shirley said...

I like the way your man took care of the situation; my husband does that for me with spiders- can't abide them in the house. Outside I don't mind. Snakes in the house would totally creep me out. I'd be looking under the covers of the bed and in cupboards for weeks!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Yep, tis the season:

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