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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ride a Good Horse's Challenge

Shirley over at Ride a Good Horse was spreading some good news on her blog today and challenged her readers to do the why not!

It's a sunny day today with just a lil' bit of wind, and it's going to be 60 that's good news in itself 'round these parts!!

This photo is from first ride on Colt
for months since his injury...and look...
the arena's dry enough to ride in!!
Truly good news for me!!

Lots of sunshine leaves shadows as the
afternoon fades away.

Bella Jo's sharin' the good news too...this is her
first ride with me...she did real well...a little
confused while I was in the arena as she followed
me around and around in circles...but
she'll figure it out. But she sure loved
following along...I think she's sayin'
"I'm a REAL ranch dog now!!"

Bella Jo 'n Cindy Sue were huntin' sage rats...
you go girlz...get them rats!

OK...another good news. I haven't mentioned it, but I've been having problems with my left shoulder, and I was afraid it might be a torn rotor cuff. When I couldn't lift my arm enough to shave under my arm, I knew I had to do something! So, I had my first physical therapy session yesterday and he doesn't think that's the problem. Just over use and strain has caused fibrosis in the muscle, and he's proceeding with the ASTYM System treatment. Here's a good YouTube video that gives a good explanation of the process. Has anyone else has this treatment? I'm really excited that it's going to get better!!!

Last but not least...another give away!!! Yep, Sydney over at Bitless Horse: Science VS Tradition has a great lil' give away going right now. She does some gorgeous horse hair're going to love it! Head on over to her blog and check her out!

I hope everyone else has good news this week!! I've got horses to ride this afternoon...see ya!



Sydney said...

Thanks for posting my giveaway.
I tore my left rotator cuff. It's extremely painful. I fell of at a gallop in a frozen field, hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes.
For two weeks afterwards every time I laughed it felt like someone was booting me in the ribs. Painful. Time and massage therapy was my cure. I still can't lift it as high as my other arm and it hurts if I hit it too hard. I found the physio made it worse than it did better. Massage therapy is a must for that injury, after the accute phase of course. Wait for some scar tissue to form.

mj said...

I sure envy you that dry arena. Check out my blog to see what's still on the ground here in SW Colorado. It's great to see you behind Colts ears again!!! Happy Trails to you all!

C-ingspots said...

Great shot there between Colt's ears and that amazingly dry arena!! Sooo jealous of that, here in NW (soggy, muddy) Oregon! Glad to hear you're back to riding that horse of yours again...whoo hoo, spring's almost here!!
p.s. thanks for the prayers on Harley's behalf. Very much appreciated, Karen. :)

lisa said...

I know what you mean, the weather is warm and I love it, except for the mud that is up to my ankles! I am glad that the therapy went good!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear all the good news, especially that your shoulder issues will be easily resolved!
I love that shot of Colt looking out on his arena, ready to tackle another season of doing what he does best! And it looks like Bella Jo and Cindy Sue are just eatin up the good weather too!

Shirley said...

Well seeing the view from Colt's back is great news! Dry arena, great weather, you're just full of good stuff today- ain't life grand!
Hope your shoulder mends quickly.

gtyyup said...

Sydney~Thanks for your input. This has been coming on for months. I tweeked it over the edge in January. So, I do have the scar tissue. It can be felt as they draw the instrument over my muscles...really "ridgy" feel...not smooth at all. I'm really crossing my fingers that it's not a torn rotor cuff. He doesn't think it is (and it's not frozen shoulder either). My terminology is crap, but it's something like tendinosis. (not tendinitis). We'll see in about a month and I'll post again.

c-ingspots~I feel guilty livin' over here on the east side...but I remember all too well what it was like on the Wet side...about 35 years worth! But, there are pros to that Wet side too ;~)

Yes, I'm lovin' the view between those cute ears!

Rhonda said...

Glad to see you riding Colt again! I hope all goes well. I also hope your shoulder gets to feeling better.

Thanks for the note about the contest on the "bitless horse" blog - that looks pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

I envy you your arena too. Glad to see you going again on Colt and hope your shoulder isn't too serious! She's a windy one here today too.

Susan said...

I envy you your arena. I took a rototiller to my round pen and finally got it to where I can work a horse. That's good news because it was covered in ice all winter.

The Wife said...

Good news about your shoulder. The husband has had three shoulder surgeries, it's horrible. He can barely raise his right arm. It's really bad.

Woohoo for colt and a dry arena too!

Anonymous said...

looks like a grand time for all..

gp in montana where for the moment.. arena, etc are dry.. not for long tho :(

Janice said...

Nice view you got going on there. Cross my fingers for your shoulder and boy I am envious of your arena. I'm thinking I am going to give mine a whirl today. I'll take a pic for you and you can see the difference......not quite as nice looking as yours.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Waa-hooo for riding time.

Giggling at Bella Jo. My red heeler has NEVER figured out he doesn't have to follow me every step of the way round and round the arena. Makes him crazy when both Meg and I are riding. He follows me for a bit, then thinks he needs to follow Meg, then back to me. My black BH/BC is smart. He just goes and lays where he's comfortable and can watch. No desire to wear himself out going round and round-LOL.

Hope your treatments help your shoulder. That doesn't sound like fun at all.

Andrea said...

I am glad you don't have a torn rotor cuff! that is not fun at all. I think my husband has done the same thing as you!! I am glad you are going to be getting better!

And I am so jealous you are riding Colt. My horse is still on the injured list. I need to take him back to the vet for another ultrasound to see if the ligament has gotten any better.

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