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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Golden Pony is a Lucky Pony!!!

Isn't this lovely?!? I was the very lucky winner of Jane Augenstein's 200th post give-away...the prize was this gorgeous hand crafted folk art hooked rug, which of course Jane made with her own two hands. I mean, she even dye's the wool and designs the rugs she makes!

The colors are so rich, the feel is soft and warm, yet thick and is gorgeous, quality work.

Jane has a wonderful web page, Liberty Homestead Rugs, that has lots of information and photos of rugs that she's hooked. In fact, she will even design one especially for you of your pet!

This is the back side of the rug...personalized!
Every hook is smooth and the edging is as neat as a pin.

I ran around with the Golden Pony to all of the newly painted walls, holding it up, to see which color was looked good against ALL of them! Then I saw The Perfect a different room...

Right next to the beautiful original watercolor that I won
in another blogger give away from Danielle Barlow

Needless to say, there are some tremendous
blogging artists out there!

So there stands the Golden my office...
in the kitchen...above my desk...where I can
admire it on a daily basis; and of
course show it off to anyone who might stop by!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a great blogging friend Jane and doing such a fantastic give-away! Rest assured that the Golden Pony is loved and will be cared for...for many years to come!

Now, I did say that the Golden Pony was a Lucky has to be. I jokingly commented that I was going to go out and buy a lottery ticket when I found out I had won it...but something else arrived with the Golden Pony...

The Forest Service has decided (with a lot of convincing from the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition) to return Dreamsicle to his home! In fact, he along with his two mares, the other bay band stallion and two of his mares will be returned to the Big Summit HMA next week!

Dreamsicle here in the front will return with the
bay mare in the back, and the bay mare
in the center.

The bay stallion on the left, the bay mare, and the
bald faced mare with the four socks will be
returned to their home in the Ochoco National Forest.

Another positive is that two additional mares from another HMA will be going too! Yep, each stallion will get another mare for his band.

The Coalition has been working on getting genetic diversity in the HMA and the best way to do that is by introducing a couple of new mares. The FS finally agreed that this would be an opportune time to do just that. Yahoo!!!

They will release the stallions with his respective mares at separate locations so there won't be any'll be confusing enough.

To help with the Coalition's ongoing genetic studies of the herds in the HMA, DNA samples will be pulled from all the Big Summit horses that are at the Corrals right now. This will give us a lot of valuable information. I'll be out at the Corrals sometime next week to help pull, bag and tag the hair samples.

I'm sure you're wondering...what about the other horses that were gathered? Well, three fillies will be put up for public adoption.

This filly is one that will be adopted out.
She came in with the bay stallion band and is
the filly of the bald faced mare.
She looks to be a yearling.

These are the other two fillies that will be available.
They were the fillies from Dreamsicle's mares, but
they are not sired by Dreamsicle. The two mares
are carrying Dreamsicle's first foal crop.
The photo is from last June, so these two are now yearlings.

That leaves another mare and a yearling...and a 2 year old horse colt. Sadly, the mare and yearling have a conformation fault commonly called roach-backed. It's where the spine curves upward (the opposite of a sway back). This mare's foal from 2009 had the same fault, so it's quite obvious that it's hereditary with this mare. It was agreed by everyone that she and her filly should be taken out of the breeding pool. They will probably go to long-term holding.

Then the 2 year old colt...well, if no one else is found quickly to adopt him, he will be coming to live at the Rough String! Not that I need another horse...but I named him way back when he was just a lil' foal...Slider. He was playing on a dirt mound right next to our camp; he'd run to the top and slide down the other side...hence the name Slider. So, My Man and I have an affection for the lil' guy.

So, I really believe that the lovely Golden Pony brought a very good piece of luck...thank you Golden Pony~~



Mikey said...

Oh that is amazing!! I'm so glad some good luck has finally come your way!! Can't wait to see Slider at your place :)

mj said...

All good news ... I'm smiling from ear to ear! I also suspect that this didn't happen without a lot of persuasion from people whose
actions helped bring this to reality. Thanks to those who cared enough to do something ... whoever you all are!

Maia said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate post. I'm so happy for everyone involved, especially the stallion and slider. A wonderful outcome.
Well done.

Shirley said...

What a whole bunch of good news! I'm so glad that Dreamsicle is going back where he belongs, and with another mare too- lucky boy! Can't wait to see photos of Slider- great name too.

lisa said...

That is great news! I also love the hooked rug, very nice on your wall!

Sarah said...

I have serious hand-hooked rug envy right now! That is a lovely piece of work. And such wonderful news coming with it. I'm so glad those 6 will be released back to their home.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How exciting: Dreamcicle, those bay stallions and mares being returned! And you with a new project colt. So fun!
And Jane's hooked rug. Wow! Lots of great things over here!


jane augenstein said...

Wow! Love all the art work on your wall, Golden Pony fits right in!
Oh, but the best of all is that Dreamsicle's going home and the other horses too!!! Wonderful, wonderful news.
Love the last picture of the fillies, the one behind is a beauty.
Golden Pony brought some luck with him to your ranch!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Woohoooo!!! I totally didn't see this coming...sadly. You've restored a bit of faith. Can't wait to see pictures of Slider ;-).

Janice said...

That Golden Pony did an excellent job in the luck department. I am very happy that all those horses get to go home where they belong. Slider is one lucky boy to get to go home with you and your man.

Merri said...

great news for Dreamsicle! ahhhh - he's just gorgeous.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

CTG Ponies said...

Yay for Dreamsicle and the other horse!!! And I'm kind of hoping that Slider comes home with you.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

WONDERFUL! So good to see all is well with you! It was great to catch up on your blog after my long absence (I hope you havent forgotten who I am!) I cant wait to keep reading once again! I sure have missed all my great blogs I read! - Rachel Kyfarmlife/wilmothfarms

mugwump said...

I'm behind, I just caught up on your cool is that, getting Dreamsicle back where he belongs.
beautiful photos, your eye keeps getting better and better.

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