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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Giant

While at the Burns Wild Horse Corrals yesterday, I was able to watch Dreamsicle show the other stallions that size doesn't matter.

It all started with a lil' tift.
The bay with the blaze in the left corner
is Slider who never seems to be
bothered in the least throughout the whole episode.

Dreamsicle and the stallion are having a conversation.

Then these two other guys want to see what
all the fuss is about.

The two new guys seem to be having a chat too.

Then some positioning takes place.

Two of the stallions move on out of the way.
Slider is still there on the left...he must be
emergency back up for Dreamsicle.

Big Sorrel seems to be challenging Dreamsicle.

Big Sorrel kicks and Dreamsicle shows some teeth.

Big Sorrel looks a lil' worried...he may be thinkin'
that he shouldn't have messed with the lil' guy!

More chatting takes place with some squealing and
fancy foot work.

Dreamsicle seems to be saying
"Get out of my face."

Some body shoving.

They seem to have come to an agreement...

And as quickly as it ends.
Dreamsicle just wants to hang out
with his step son Slider.



Sydney said...

Your so lucky to live so close to the wild horses. I would have to drive 20 or more hours.

Angela Swedberg said...

Great set of photos. If only humans could solve their issues as quickly as horses do and be as honest as horses are, the world would be much easier to navigate.

mj said...

Clearly good friends, and size doesn't matter if the spirit is there. Great set of photos and I liked your interpretation.
I wish that they were not all penned up in such close proximity. Anyone would have issues if put in a box long enough. Do you know how long they will remain penned or where they go from there. Is that an annual winter penning or something new?

Susan said...

Good story. What do you think horses say when they trash talk?

Shirley said...

Good set of photos! Have you heard any more on whether Dreamsicle will be released with his band yet?

Pony Girl said...

Great pictures! It's so interesting to observe horse behavior in this way. Have you been hanging out with Tracey from Mustang Diaries at all?

lisa said...

Unfortunately, I can't adopt them all or I would! You took some great pictures!

Merri said...

yikes, he's a beauty. i gotta quit looking at the pictures of him because I'm lusting after him.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

These are some great pics ~ it's always interesting/entertaining to see the herd dynamics in action.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great series! The teeth shot was an excellent catch.

gtyyup said...

mj~This gather of Big Summit horses was a little unexpected. The Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition was made aware of it just a few week's ago. Gathering of horses is not usually an "annual" event. They gather when the number of horses exceeds the allowed amount. Where do they go from here...we are hoping to get Dreamsicle and his family returned to the wild. If that does not come about, they will be processed through the BLM and be put up for adoption to the public. Currently there are approximately 950 horses being held at the Burns Oregon Wild Horse Corrals...all waiting to be adopted.

Susan~I just think there's a lot of testosterone flying around when they talk trash ;~)

Shirley~Not yet...hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.

PG~Yep! We were supposed to go up into the South Steens HMA to photograph wild horses, but her schedule changed for that afternoon. But her booth was right next to ours at Colorfest. She's just the greatest person!

Merri~Dreamsicle IS a handsome guy isn't he?!?

Janice said...

Great shots. We have all heard the epression dynamite comes in small packages.I love that horse I sure hope he gets to be free.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Dreamsicle is gorgeous! How did end up with that name?

I fell so bad for them in such tight quarters. Is that all manure that they are trying to slog through? yuk!
They have such healthy strong hooves, it would be a shame if they ended up with thrush from being kept in that slop for long.

I enjoyed seeing your photos of stallion behavior, K. Thanks!


gtyyup said...

Lisa~I realize that I didn't answer your questions! Dreamsicle was named by someone on our board of directors with the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition. It was his "creamy, dreamy" different color that he got named after. In the summer it's a lot more light.

And, yes, the horses are trudging through a lot of slop. They had just had almost 2 feet of snow and it melted. So obviously with the added manure, it turns to slop. It's drying up and they'll be OK.

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