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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Stills ~ Hot Sauce or Salsa

This Sunday Stills photo challenge should warm us all right up on a cool winter day! The challenge is whatever you dip your chips in, spoon on your eggs, or put on your food...anything with a lil' zip!

If this were summer time, I'd be posting my homemade, fresh veggie Pico de Gallo. But...we'll go with the bottled stuff this time 'round...

Texas fav!
Not too hot...great flavor...and just
enough of a kick to liven up your eggs!

Breakfast burritos wouldn't be complete without
some Chipotle Salsa...yummy!

So what's your spice of life?!?

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Jocelyn said...

that burrito looks like I could eat it right offr the screen ! yumm!

allhorsestuff said...

OH Yummy looking eats and that sauce..Cayenne based- Lovely!
I sprinkle Fresh Cayenne on my toast in the mornings, over a little pat of butter and nutritional yeast.
Thanks for that! I liked your photo's!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That looks yummy. :)

GunDiva said...

My husband recently introduced me to Cholula. OMG - is there anything that it doesn't make better? My youngest son pours it by the gallon into his Ramen noodles.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great pics! Yummo!


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I'll have to look for that brand. I've had some of their salsas before and they are very good.

Andrea said...

Wonderful shots!!! I can feel the heat! :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

This food looks very good - I love salsa on my eggs!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

In answer to the additions I use on my pictures (I have some software but haven't mastered it yet) -- I've been using and the parts I use are free. Give it a try!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I am a hot sauce crazy person. I put it on everything. I've had many varieties of the Jardines (one type is still in the fridge), but my favs are Tapatio, Cholula, and Louisiana Wing Sauce. All readily available at most markets. But....the best is my homemade. I'll send you some of my next batch. It's HOT.

Ed said...

Now that looks fantastic! and that is a different kind of pepper sauce..:-)

Horses Are Our Lives said...

hot, hot, hot!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Interesting the different stuff we all use! :)

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