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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Official Harney County Greeter

Recently at the visitor's kiosk just off Hwy 78 at Princeton, we've had a self appointed greeter on duty. The kiosk describes the Diamond Loop Scenic Byway which goes past the Round Barn and on down to the community of Diamond.

That's him...just off to the left. Let's get a closer shot...

Hmmmm...I can't say he looks overly friendly.
But, he reminds me of a few WallyWorld
greeters that I've seen!
If I were a visitor from the city, I'm not sure
I'd want to get out of my motor home!

Shhhh...Really, it's a secret plan by the locals
to keep them city folk from hangin' 'round too long!

When we drive by the kiosk at night, we just have to be real careful to go slow. It's open range out here and we'd have to pay for him if we hit him! (Not to mention that he'd probably total the rig!)

I know I promised photos of wild horses from the South Steens HMA. But, plans changed today and Tracey couldn't make it. So...we'll do a rain check and get some photos later this spring.


On the Wild Horse front for Dreamsicle and family, things are looking up, but it's a long, steep hill. I actually spoke with Ginger Kathrens who is the famous producer and cinematographer of the Cloud series and formed The Cloud Foundation. She is being instrumental in helping us get in contact with people who know how to get things done.

We're very excited and optimistic. Keep those good thoughts coming!



mj said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for Dreamsicle and the herd. Very emotional topic for many people. Good luck with that....

sidetracked said...

awww, what a cute greeter!

Sarah said...

So that's where you are! We loaded cattle at Diamond a year and a half ago. Neat place. They told us to wait for them "in town" and for a while we thought we were in the wrong place. We waited half the morning before anyone showed to lead us in. The town was really neat, very quiet and the old buildings all nestled in beneath the hills. I liked it. Pretty country.

Sydney said...

What a handsome greeter.

Ed said...

So would you say he is Bull headed?? LOL!!! :-)

Mikey said...

Lol, hope he's friendly! Perhaps he's related to one down here, looked just like him, stuck his head in my open truck window. I was not pleased, lol. More like frozen. Wade jumped out, ran around and kicked him in the butt. *shaking head* he crazy...
I like those bulls though, they sure are magnificent. No better greeter than that!!

Janice said...

It looks like the locals have the right idea for keeping the city folks moving......I wouldn't want to come face to face with that fella. My fingers are still crossed for Dreamsicle and the family.

Anonymous said...

Not only a greeter but security detail too!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Ginger was just down here last month at the Horse Expo. Nice gal.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I was kind of hoping you'd be showing a photo of a jackrabbit or a coyote. That's one big bull! Maybe he expects treats to the troll under the bridge? hehe!

So, whatever happened with Cloud anyway?


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