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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



mugwump said...

What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. Your photos get better and better.
I can't listen to your tunes. My ADD self has to work in silence or the stories don't happen. Pity my 2 co-workers who share the newsroom with me.

lopinon4 said...

Bella makes a lovely supervisor! Who knew???? :)

What is your Man doing, by the way?

gtyyup said...

Thanks Janet...try them at lunch or something. Yes, I pity your co-workers ;~)

lopinon4 ~ of his favorite chores...NOT! He replaced a frost free hydrant down at the Mustang Barn and after that this one got clogged with the backwash crud somehow and was only giving us a trickle of water. It was alway dripping anyhow and we had to keep a heat tape on it all winter. That silly hydrant was three feet deep! But, that's normal for the temps we get here in the winter. I'm just glad we're not in Canada or Alaska...I heard they bury water lines as deep as 6 feet!

Shirley said...

When I first looked at this photo, I thought- oh no- waterline problems!
Try 9 feet in parts of Alberta! That's how deep we put them in for our friend John who lives west of Edmonton. When you hit forty below, you better have them buried deep. My husband has done frost probes (when he worked in that area) where the frost has been 6 ft. deep, so yeah, 9 ft for the water lines!

Ed said...

Not one of my stepdads favorite things either, plumbing that is.:-)

Sarah said...

Don't publish this comment. I'm replying to a comment you left on my blog, Trucking with the Johnson's.
That lake was somewhere west of Bend. I think on US 20? It was by the Detroit Dam.
Thanks for visiting my blog. The one you visited was for a 2nd grade class I work with. My "real" blog is Between You Me and the Fencepost. You can get to it from my profile too.
I realyl enjoy your blog, check it all the time, and everytime we pass through the Bend area I think of you guys. We go through Burns a lot too, so now I'll think of you there too!
Take care and stay warm!

LatigoLiz said...

Gotta love fixing a "frost free" pump in FREEZING weather! ;)

Anonymous said...

We have yet another leak under the house, and poor hubby will have to crawl under the house again to do the repair. It's been two months since his surgery so he thinks he's well enough to tackle it. The water bill came today, and I was not a happy camper!! I feel for your hubby working in that cold, at least we are having mild weather.

lisa said...

What is he doing, digging up Bella's bone:)

Janice said...

What a good little supervisor. Love your new Header. is all that snow current?

Paty Jager said...

Your Holiday header is gorgeous!

Aussie Oklahoma said...

"Who, me?"

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ugh! Outdoor Plumbing jobs. bah!
What a good worker, though. The pipe leading up from our house to the barn isn't buried deep, maybe a foot. The first year we lived here we had minus 9 degree temps and I didn't realize we should turn off the water down at our house EVERY time we were finished....AND remove the water hose.

Yep, we had a frozen pipe and water pump...and it exploded and it cost mucho money to get it fixed. But we had to wait for several months until it warmed up. It was hell dragging water up to the barn every day and we only had llamas then. I can't imagine that happening now. Tonight our temps are down into the single digits. You can bet I not only removed the hose and turned off the water at the house, but I also bled out the water at the pump, too.

With John on the road all the time, hauling water up our hill is just not an option for me. gah!


Cowgirl Rae said...

Hope you are ready for the Polar Blast.... I was watching the horses a minute ago sprawled out and snoozing in the sun, its only 30 now but this time tomorrow probably 10...... I hate single digits.

I picked up some really nice bluegrass straw in Culver last week, now the horses will have lots of fuel for their furnaces.

Hope you are prepared, just in time to get that hydrant fixed..... Your Man can have it tested this weekend for reliability, thanks to Mother Nature....LOL

gtyyup said...

Thanks Janice...the snow pics in the header are from last year on Christmas Day. We've had a couple of inches this year, but right now everything is just brown and plain.

Nina P. said...

"I thought you said you burried it here?" Frost runs deep in north country... hard work but so worth it when the temps drop. I so enjoy your music! Blessings to you and yorus. Love and Light, Nina P

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