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Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Weekend & Off to the Big City...again

It was a huge much to do...too few hours. And as I type, I'm loading the lil' commuter car for another Ag Survey training in the Big City (Portland). So, I'm slightly rushed!!

But we got a good start on this project...

The beginning of my new raised garden bed.

Add a lil' dirt...

And a lil' elbow grease...

And we have this!! It's only half done, the other half
will get done as soon as the electric company
gets out here and tops off one of the elm trees.
They'll be working right where the rest of the
raised bed will be located.

In irritation news...oops, I mean irrigation...we've got 2 of the 4 wheel lines up. Technical difficulties as usual when you start the season...My Man will whip out the handy dandy checkbook in town today and get the needed parts...then we'll be set...I hope.

Still more sage rat mounds to we have
to do it by hand...or by foot actually.

But, our crop is lookin' mighty purdy so far!!!

See y'all back here on Friday! Happy Trails~~



Mikey said...

Awesome! love that raised bed, ummm can you send that tractor my way to fill mine too? That would be lovely :)
Have fun in the big town, stay out of trouble!

Paint Girl said...

The garden bed is looking great! I'd like to do that someday!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I love your black and whites! You had a busy weekend!

AKPonyGirl said...

What I would have given for water wheels on our irrigation pipe. It took 6 10-12 year old kids all day to move what pipe we had. It didn't help that we had to move it from pasture to pasture. We tried so many ways to move it. This was back in the late 60s so there wasn't any 4 wheeler. There was, however, tractors (too big) and a Bobcat (not allowed to drive it). We tried pulling the pipe with the ponies but they wouldn't cooperate. When Grampa bought us Honda 60 motorcycles we even tried those!

Ed said...

Looks like everyone is getting into gardening, yours looks great! have fun in Portland..:-)

Pony Girl said...

Lots of good spring work going on there...can't wait to see the progress of the raised beds. Have fun in the city!

Andrea said...

Wow, your raised beds look great!! I need some that look like that. And don't those front loaders make dirt work a bit easier and faster?? Gotta love 'em. And my arena was growing grass too!! We got it all tilled up again and we need to add some sand.

Jennifer said...

Your crop sure is lookin mighty purdy!!

Heidi said...

YIPPEE for the June Survey!! Just got back from training yesterday...its gonna be a long one I am afraid... we have a new guy in our office and he came from YOUR STATE!!! his name is Jeremy - not sure of his last name, but he is a nice young feller.. does that ring a bell????

Celeste said...

Love that raised bed - I am very envious!

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