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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day Work...and Play!

I've blogged before about riding for other ranchers...and it's turned into a bit of a part-time job.  It's termed as "day work" out here...where you're hired on for the time they need you.

Crowley Ranch is one of these ranches. I usually go for anywhere from a few days to a week...depending on the job that needs to be done...which is good since it takes 2 1/2 hours to get there! It's really not that far from our place, but the last 26 miles is one rough road. This past winter and spring it was impassable at times with the snow drifts and then the flooding when the snow melted!

The area is very remote with long miles in between ranches. But, that's what I like about it best...it's a step back in time.

Saddled up by 7AM and waiting (for us to go have one more cup of coffee).

This week was just a short job; gather for the branding on Friday. I drove out on Wednesday afternoon to arrive with some time for Kat to help me with Jiggs and Rastus on her sheep. BTW...this is the ranch that Jiggs came from. She breeds awesome working Border Collies!

Jiggs is a bit fresh as he starts his first work!!! But, my goodness, he wants to work!!

She had me work Rastus (I sure need the practice!), and then she worked Jiggs by himself...but he needed a bit of help from Rastus (Jiggs learns from taking Rastus' lead). So, Kat gets Rastus working the sheep and at the right time I release Jiggs. It works pretty well, but at times it gets a bit wild!!

So, I have my three sheep to practice on, and some basics in my head. I'm also going to study a video series by Shane Harley...he's very similar to Tom Blasdell and Kat...keep me from getting too confused!!

Gathering up the pairs for branding on Friday.
LOVE the wide open range where you can see forever!

Rastus helping me as we bring them into the corrals.

My two hooligans!

No, Jiggs didn't go gather pairs...we wanted them in the corrals, not into the next county!! But he's learning patience by staying in the horse trailer when I'm working and being tied for long periods of time with Rastus. We take many walks and do fun things when we're at Crowley, but they sure enjoy coming home with the fenced in yard to run their hearts out!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and what a view!

  2. Definitely prime ranch country!
    That Jiggs is so cute with one stick up ear and his big smile. My little Thea could use some patience training, but mostly she just needs to work.

  3. I so envy you honest to goodness ranch women. Your lives are so much more interesting than mine!

  4. I love those doggie smiles! You live in a beautiful part of our country!

  5. I have to agree that the view is incredible. I do love my hills though and steep forested valleys.
    I could use Rastus to help separate my Dexters when it comes time!


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