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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love That Sweet Smell of Hay

Not much can beat the sweet smell of freshly mowed, curing in the field alfalfa....ahhhhhh~

First Cutting
Ann Mare drives a pretty mean swather ;~)

First cutting is on the ground...good to see the results of all that irritation irrigation.

Ahhhh...The Sweet Smell of Hay
Green hay and blue skies...crossing our fingers that the clouds stay parted.

We had visitors last evening...looks to be a bunch of yearlings. There were three spikes in the bunch. They were eating weeds in the barn yard while the field of newly mowed alfalfa was just behind them...eventually they moved on to the alfalfa. Can't stop 'um!

Evening Visitors
Evening Visitors


Crystal said...

mmm hay looks so good, i can almost smell it from here. We don't irrigate ours and its probly not gonna be ready for another 3 weeks or so.

Shirley said...

Considerate of you to offer up a selection of freshly cut vegetation for your visitors.

Linda said...

Pretty salad bar! The deer are pretty too, even though they are destructive...

Beth said...

that mountain range is to die for. lovely!! great views. (:

Steve niklas said...

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Dreaming said...

You cracked me up with the irritation/irrigation thing. Ya gotta wonder with the words being so close!
The alfalfa is darn pretty - it sets off the deer so beautifully, no wonder they want to be there!

Janice said...

Boy do I live in the wrong place, you can't even tell they grow hay around here....and I have to say none as nice as yours.....MMmmmmm good I can smell that all the way over here.

Candy C. said...

Beautiful field of fresh cut hay! :)
The deer crack me up, at least they FINALLY realized there was all that food behind them! LOL!!

Cheyenne said...

Oh, my SUCH GORGEOUS COUNTRY!! I just love the smell of fresh cut hay...and it always looks beautiful too! ;)

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