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Friday, May 25, 2012

Farmin' Friday

Yes, I've been missing in action...busy...but also just didn't have any umph to get a blog post done. Should I call this "Summer Hours" for blogging?

Well, it's definately spring...we've been helping brand calves and move pairs for our neighbors. We also got the new bull for our herd. No, we didn't buy one, we're trading pasture space for breeding...works good for us!

Remember Goof? Well, two reasons we didn't get him this year; One, he's Number Three's sire...so that wouldn't be good. Number two, he died last year. I was very sad to hear that, he was such a sweet ol' man. I always liked the photo below of him...it fits him to a T! Goof is also the sire of Tumbleweed and Paddy.

Enjoyin' Life
~RIP Goof~

So, let's introduce Herfy. He's just two years old and will make a great heifer bull for Number Three, and Annabelle and Ellie Mae are small enough that he shouldn't have any problems servicing them as well. Herfy will stay the summer and go back home in the fall to breed his owner's cows (they fall calve their herd). Since they wanted a place to put him, it worked out perfect for all of us! Another nice thing is that it's my understanding that mixing some Hereford into your herd is good...we might get some white faces next spring!

Herfy the Bull
Herfy the bull is followed by Number Three...she likes him!
Lots of planting going on too...flowers and some garden items. We could very easily have frost and/or snow this time of year, so I can't get too carried away. But, the peas, onions and Brussels sprouts are in the ground. My tomatoes are transferred to larger pots and are in the green house.

Spring Flower Planting
Spring planting

Happy Mornin' Flowers
More planting

We had 80 degree weather a week ago...and we've had the wood stove going for the past two days! I drove to Bend yesterday and came through a snow storm that dumped 3 inches of snow on a half mile stretch of the highway...so strange!!

We're supposed to help brand again tomorrow, but it's still raining today. It might be too slick to brand...we'll wait and see.

Whiskey's got his eyes on something!

Red Dog is lovin' ranch life...but I don't like having to bathe him every night!!! After changing irrigation, he's a mud ball from his chest down and of course he wants in the house (he's not spoiled you know). I took the scissors to his hind end and cut off all his pretty feathers (which were turning into dregs), and that's helped a bunch, but I still have to put him into the tub at night!

Happy Ranch Dog
One happy ranch dog!

Speaking of dogs...Miss Cindy Sue got tangled up with another varmint...bob cat, badger...something brown in color (I didn't get a good look at it). Off to the vet on a Sunday evening for stitches. Whatever it was got her front leg and ripped the skin back in a triangle shape. Thankfully there wasn't any damage done to anything else.

I counted up and she's used up five lives...so if it's like a cat, she's only got four more! I know, I've said it before...she's gotta be on a shorter leash...literally~


Reddunappy said...

Red sure is pretty. He looks so much like the female my folks have.
Glad Cindy Sue is OK!

Crazy weather! I want the warm weather back!!!

Shirley said...

We have a room off the kitchen known as the dog room/mud room/ wood stove room; if my collies are wet or muddy (nearly every day lately!)they go in there until they are dry and the dirt pretty much just falls off them. Much easier to sweep that room than bathe dogs. If it's really bad, I hose 'em off outside before they go in the mud room.

Linda said...

Love that photo of Red Dog!

Candy C. said...

I'm not sure Herfy was wanting to be followed! LOL!! I wonder what it is about black cows with white faces that is so popular now?
Red sure is a nice looking dog and ol' Whiskey is one handsome horse! :)

Susan said...

Same weather as we've been having here. I also put my annuals out and now they're getting snowed on. The only vegetables I've planted so far are ones that like cool weather and can take some frost.

Sarah said...

I love black baldy calves with their pretty clean white faces! It will be fun to see what you get! Sounds like you have been busy! I'm glad it didnt' snow when we came through. It was a nice day! Cindy Sue...what to say? She is just a magnet for...adventure! Hope she mends well and quickly.

TeresaT 07 said...

Aussie's are a magnet for dirt, mud and wild animal dung!
My folks have had 3 Aussie's and this one they have now is mostly white with a dark head and some large black spots on his body. He loves to find a good dirt/mud mound and helps my dad hunt gophers. Pops leaves him outside on the deck or in the garage till he's dry enough to come inside.
Love the picture of Whiskey, almost looked like my old Duke for just a moment.

Anonymous said...

Love that shot of Goof in the sage... and your planter too!

lisa said...

Herfy, should produce some nice offspring! We went today and bought all my flowers for the summwer. Yours sure look nice, I love the tub on the wood box.

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