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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gus' Debut & Off to the Pendleton Roundup!

~If a man had to give birth, he'd be a more considerate person.~
~Ma Robertson 1901~

Lil' Gus got to strut his stuff in the 2 year old halter class at the Harney County Reined Stock Horse Futurity last Thursday. Bless his lil' heart...he had to have a bath (with soap) on Wednesday afternoon, get covered up with a blanket, and stay the night in a stall (next to Colt)...all of which he'd done none! Then he's asked to load into the big trailer (with dividers) and had to back out of...all of which he'd done none! But he was a star!!!

I think it's the innocence of the young age that makes them so adaptable. He was so willing to just go with the flow. Of course I'd practiced hosing him off and clipping him with the electric clippers and he'd done very well in the practice sessions. But the day of the "beauty parlor treatment" it was only 60 some degrees and a lil' bit breezy...not very appealing to a colt as you come at him with a cold hose of water!

We made it as quick as possible and took some short cuts, but he turned out just fine for our Futurity class.

Let Me Help Mom!
"Here Mom, you don't have your glasses on...I'll read that for you!"

I was mighty proud of the lil' guy. We made the first cut to 10 horses from 20, but after we trotted out for the judge, he never looked at Gus again...guess he didn't like what he saw. But I still consider it a VERY successful day. He went to town, was a very brave boy, and gained a bunch of experience...and he came home happy! I'm good with that!

I'm Lookin' Handsome!
"See Mom...I'm lookin' handsome! I don't know why that judge didn't like me?!?"

So, we've got a lot to work on for next year. As a three year old, he'll need to cut & hold cows out of the herd and do a reining pattern (including flying lead changes). It's going to be a busy winter for the two of us!

If you don't remember what he looked like when I got him last May...take a look at Gus' intro blog post...he sure changed!!!



Who's going to the 100th Anniversary of the Pendleton Roundup?!?!?!?!?!

I know it's a lil' bit late to make a date with any bloggers who might be going to the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Roundup, but I hope to see a couple of you. My Man took an extra day off of work and we're leaving Tuesday AM. Cindy Sue is staying with her Auntie Judy for a sleep over, and the big kids are staying home with the neighbor's checking in on them.

It'll be a great time...with no responsibilities!! A TRUE vacation!! See ya'll next week...

Let 'er Buck!


Reddunappy said...

Wow! Gus looks great! Quite a change, he looks big, LOL, until I remember how small you are LOL LOL, how tall is he now?

Reddunappy said...

OH!!! And you guys have a great time at the Roundup!!!!

Crystal said...

Aww he looks good out there, no matter what the judges say. Such a big change from when you got him!

gtyyup said...

Reddunappy~I haven't measured him yet, but I need to...and I need to measure Colt too. My guess would be 14.3 or so. I'll put it on my list!

CCC said...

Gus sure grew up and pretty. Just remember that judging is a subjective thing. What one judge doesn't like another will. And looks are nice but ability is what really counts. There's no substitute for experiences for a young horse is there?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I laughed when you called him 'the little guy', but then I remembered how tiny you are. Gus is still a good sized and very handsome 2y/o.

I just love his bloodlines...and he shows them to the T.

You sure have a fine pair of horses.

Have fun at Pendleton!!!

Shirley said...

Gus is looking mighty fine, what a handsome boy! He and Chickory are well matched, I hope we get to ride side by side on them someday. Have a blast at Pendleton!

jane augenstein said...

Wow, Gus is one handsome boy, the judge must need glasses! You two look great!!!

Oregon Equestrian said...

Obviously Gus's acceptance of all the new things you threw at him are a result of the excellent treatment he's received. He has no reason not to trust you.

Photos and report from Pendleton for those of us who won't be there?!

Rhonda said...

Gus looks GOOD - glad he did so well with everything. That good experience is worth a lot. Have a GREAT time at Pendleton!!!

Linda said...

Glad Gus had some educating exposure to the world. I told the Bossman that Pendleton was on and he said maybe next year we should try and get there.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Gus looks great, different judge, different out come. Have fun at the big 100, wish I could join you.

Maia said...

Oh what a good boy and what a pretty boy. You have done so well with your horses and your photography. I am so proud of you on so many levels.

Jeni said...

He's gorgeous! He looks like he's got good legs and good sized hooves!

Sarah said...

Gus looked great! In the video he looks like he's taking it all in stride, just like an old pro!
Have fun at the roundup! Looking forward to heraing about it.

gowestferalwoman said...

"Powder River, let 'er buck!!!"

Now that Im in SE MT, I can say that with conviction! :P !

And I agree; please blog all you can for us on Pendleton, so we can see what its all about for us ex-wisconsinites who dont know any better...

Gus stands nice; you have him gleaming beautifully too - love the baby pictures compared to now :)

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