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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'in the Company of Cowgirls'

I have always loved the name of this art show. To me just saying 'in the Company of Cowgirls' brings the feeling of camaraderie ("a spirit of friendly good fellowship" says Webster). When we get invited to a branding or move cows and there's other women there, I always learn so much from them...they're way more experienced than I am...and get that feeling. It's just a heart warming experience to be in their Company!

This weekend will be another experience that I'll treasure...Michelle Severe has entered the drawing of Colt and I into 'in the Company of Cowgirls' Art Show in Pendleton Oregon.  My Man commissioned Michelle to do the drawing for my Christmas gift in 2010. I know, you've all seen it on my side bar...but, I can't help be proud of "my gift."

As their web site states: "Outstanding Cowgirl Art created by women Artists with a special understanding of the subject." Meaning that the Artists are pretty much cowgirls themselves. How cool it that!

So, I'm going to be literally "hangin' around" with a bunch of other cowgirls...even though, really, I'm not going to get to be there. Thank you Michelle for doing such a great drawing and choosing it for this show! Good luck...hope one of your three pieces places in the show!!

I encourage you to go to the link for the art show, and take a look at all the other artists' pieces that will be in the show (there's some great stuff there!) it soon, because it looks like they will be taking them off the web site on May 10 when the show starts.  Even better yet, if you can get to Pendleton, go!! The art show kicks off the Cattle Baron's Weekend which is quite the event!

Drawing titled "Circling Up"

Original photo


Andee said...

Oh that picture is amazing and it sounds like such a fun event.

Elizabeth Martin said...

Love their site! And that is a great photo! I tinker with art, and that website has inspired me to get back into it.

Linda said...

What a wonderful drawing - and the photo is a great one too! Hope it makes a great splash at the showing!

lisa said...

Fantastic, I liked it when you first posted the picture and I still love it! Good luck in the art show and I hope she does well with the picture!

Maria said...

Wow! Really nice work ...

Ian said...

Good luck with the contest. That is one rank portrait!

Dreaming said...

What a great drawing! I'm so impressed!
I wish I could get to the show.

Crystal said...

Sure hope it does well at the show. i love your face in that picture/drawing, it sure shows how hard you were concentrating.

Paint Girl said...

Wow that is so cool! I hope it does well and can't wait to here how it does!

Jeni said...

Have loved that drawing since the first time I saw it on your sidebar.

Having an artist for a daughter I truly appreciate the beauty, work, and emotion that goes into creating a piece like that.

I hope that she does well!

Candy C. said...

What a great drawing! I hope she does well with the show!

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