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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring is Around the Corner

There are baby calves by the hundreds hittin' the ground all around us...a sure sign of spring! Every rancher has their own idea of when they want their cows calving; some early, some later, and everything in between.

Rancher Dan asked us to help with a two day cattle drive on the weekend after next...Colt's been in hibernation since before's time that he get back into the workin' mode!

Wind in the Mane
Wind in the Mane

It's been a bit frustrating this winter with lameness issues. First, Colt had a slight sprain in his front right. Stall rest, cold hosing, a poultice wrap and some bute got him mended pretty quickly on that one. Then he did something to his left foreleg...more stall rest and bute. Lastly, he got an abscess two weeks ago...more stall rest and bute!

Feelin' Frisky
Gus in the background would like to play some too!
He's on stall rest since he stuck his hoof through
the field fence and tried to cut his hoof off.
It not too bad, and it's healing very quickly.
I don't think there's going to be a scar either.

But Colt's sound now and seems to be fit as a fiddle...ready to get back into training...and working.


I find it much easier to let them blow off some steam in the round pen before I even take them into the barn for brushing and saddling when they've been off for that length of time.

And for those who questioned Colt's photo from yesterday's Wordless Wednesday...yes, he had quite the hair do (a photo from this same series)...but a lil' bit of Laser Sheen did the trick ;~)

Gus is gettin' into it now too! Look at his butt and tail up in the air!

The round pen was thawed out pretty nicely, but when I rode Colt out on the property, the ground was either too damp and he would slip, or the ground was still frozen because the sun hadn't hit it because of the rim rock. So, we kept to the cinder road the goes down to the other end of the property and did a long trot as much as we could.

Yesterday, I loaded Colt up, and we went to a friend's place who has an indoor arena...30 miles away. I'm hooking up with trainer Matt Goodson, and we're just going to ride together every other week or so.  It was really helpful to get my own brain back into training mode as we talked about different techniques and other trainer's philosophies. Not all trainers think alike which you well know. Matt and I are on the same page; open to new ideas but always putting the horse first.

Riding with Matt also gives me a lil' bit of a push (mentally) to get out there and do something with my horses. Living where we do and being by myself so much, I find I loose enthusiasm...that's when I need a kick in the back end to get goin'!!

So, this is my Rural Thursday...check out the other participants in the blog hop and see what they're up to!


Dreaming said...

You are right when you say working with a trainer gives you a push to get 'out there'. I'm finding that really true with my horses.
Our round pen has a drift of almost 2 feet through the middle of it. Since the snow has already melted a bit, that must have been quite an awesome drift!
Have fun!

Linda said...

I know very little about horses - living in the city - but I enjoy your photos and your accounts of life on the ranch!

Shirley said...

Colt is looking mighty fine, mud and all! I agree that riding by yourself all the time can be less than inspiring. Especially when I really don't have a lot of options as to where I can ride without trailering.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Beautiful pics - he sure looks full of himself! :-) I have one that has been troubled w/ mysterious lamenesses for a while - frustrating!

Thanks for linking up!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Gorgeous horses -- and happy horses, they look to be. I'm glad Colt is healing well so that he can go to work with you. :)

Thanks so much for sharing with us at Rural Thursdays.

Candy C. said...

I swear, if there's a way to get hurt the horses will find it! I know ours does!
Great pictures! :)

Maia said...

These shots are perfect. Dead on clarity and exposure, really well done. And yes, working with a trainer is really worth it.

Tanya said...

oh i enjoyed your photos and i bet colt enjoyed the field trip as much as you did!

A Quiet Corner said...

Just watching those horses would get me pumped...the pictures are as gorgeous as the horses!...:)JP

mugwump said...

You've got me wanting to get to the cows!

Jen the CraftinCowgirl said...

HI! I found your blog through a Rural Journal. I'm lovin' it!

Margaret said...

They don't look to be hurtin' too much! Beautiful.

Ed said...

I bet you and Colt are chomping at the bit to get out and get some riding, have fun..:-))

Crystal said...

Maybe Colt just wanted to be in the barn all winter getting attention ;)

I agree with riding alone, I been going to a trainer too and its all I wanna do now.

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed your pictures and thoughts. Especially got a "kick" (LOL) out of the tail in the air! :)

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