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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Tuesday Tune ~ A Cowboy Song

Here's another awesome a gal with a gorgeous voice, Trinity Seely.

The bonus on this video is the photographer, Mary Williams Hyde (friend her of FB, she's worth it); one of the best buckaroo/cowboy photographers around.

Her website Buckaroo Country, has thousands of awesome photos of the real, gritty, into the dirt kind of photos of working buckaroos and their talented horses. She captures them working hard and playing hard. Her site is well worth the small subscription get to see it like it really is!

Hope you enjoy...Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I'm packing for the big city...Portland. My Man's in charge of all the critters; I'm sure they'll all be fine...but I'll miss them all so much!

I had a flu bug the past few days, but I'm on the mend now...thank goodness. With camera in tow, I hope to take some shots of things I don't normally see...tall trees and lots of people...ha!


Cheyenne said...

Glad to hear your on the mend! Loved the video.

Shirley said...

Darn flu! Have a safe trip to the big city.

Mikey said...

Hope you're all better now! Love the link, she takes some amazing pictures :)

Maia said...

This East Coast Cowgirl who's soul is hungry, comes here to be refreshed. Please keep posting this sort of thing. There are those of us who need you. You are the best.

mugwump said...


Vaquerogirl said...

Love Mary's stuff!

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