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Monday, June 27, 2011

Stackin' Hay 'n Cuttin' Cows

~I wonder how many more times I'm 
goin' to fall for the same kind of cowboy.~
~Bell Floyd 1900~

Yesterday was a busy day getting the 1st cutting out of the east field and getting the irrigation goin' again. Hay Man Rudy ran out of moisture by mid mornin' and wasn't able to finish the west field. But, he did get it finished guess what My Man and I'll be doin' when he gets home from work tonight?!?

Me 'n My Co-Pilot
Me 'n my co-pilot!! I drive the semi truck while My Man loads the trailer.

In the Mirror
A lil' bit of mirror action.

Thank Goodness for Tractors
The backhoe was had a bad hose, so we had to borrow Hay Man Rudy's was terrible for My Man to have to sit in the AC
with the Sirius radio goin' ;~)

Oops...look what got baled up! It wasn't a rattlesnake, just a bull snake.
He did not survive the accident.

Takin' a Break
Cowboy 'n Bella Jo were snoopervising...they did a good job too!

Stackin' 'um Straight
Even though the hay got rained on (about 3/8 of an inch), it dried out
just fine...and the dairy can't wait to get it. We were very lucky.

Mustang Barn & Arena
I climbed up toward the rim in search of owlets and
thought this made a pretty picture.
We're almost into's never been this green in
the 6 years we've been here!

Thirsty Alfalfa
The thirsty alfalfa plants are glad to get a drink. So, we're back
to changin' wheel lines twice a day. 
We did find a rattle snake in Colt's irrigated pasture when we were adjusting the hand lines. Of course Colt was dying to stick his nose on the dang thing...we escorted him off of the property!

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On Saturday, the local cutting club held their 2nd cutting of the season. We missed the first cutting, and we haven't had an opportunity to practice herd work, so I was pleased with Colt's performance even though we lost a pushy cow. We haven't done this since last September!

Enjoy your week!


Mary said...

I'm glad the rain didn't effect the hay, looks real good! (except for the snake, gives me the willies!) Nice that you got the nice tractor to use, I bet that made the job a little more tolerable. I absolutley loved the cuttin' video, you looked great up there! Nice and balanced, no easy task, been there "tried" that!

Cheyenne said...

looks good hay! Still have`nt had the weather to cut ours!!

Mikey said...

Look at that hay! Man, that's beautiful and so green.. I can't get over it. Love your co-pilot there :)
Colt looks like he hasn't lost anything over the winter. He's a really nice looking horse and you've done a really good job training him.

5 Starr's Farm said...

How's it going...That hay is beautiful and everything else so pretty green. Thought Colt looked good, everyone draws those kind of cows and you just ran out of time on the last one.....Good Job!

Love your Sunday Stills

Ed said...

Great pics, I had to smile seeing you behind the big wheel..:-))

mugwump said...

Woot! Woot! Rockin' and rollin' in the two-rein!!!!

HoodPhoto said...

All that rain we have been suffering from does make it very pretty and green for this time of year! Talk about looking on the bright side HAHA!

Rhonda said...

Ahhh ... stacking hay with cool air and music. That snake was wierd! Glad your alfalfa's doing well so far. Enjoyed the video - hope you have a good summer with Colt! :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Great pics - we will be getting our hay the end of the week - we buy small bales right off of the field.... and also feed some large round bales. The bales look pretty darn good.... we have had plenty of rain here too - so nice and green.

Sarah said...

really pretty pictures Karen! I love that one of your place as viewed from the Rim. Tell Colt to keep his nose to himself when it comes to critters with no legs! Yikes! Still too wet in our country to start haying. Hopin it dries out a little here before too much longer!

Crystal said...

That is a really pretty pic from above of your place, and sooo green! We are just thinking of startinf to cut our hay here.

Alana Jo said...

I would have had a heart attack if I saw that snake. I hate them. When I was a little girl I use to help my Dad cut, turn, and bale hay. But it was the smaller bales. We did all the loading by hand. I sure would have loved to have a tractor like that. I bet your DH was loving the AC. Gorgeous land!

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