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Friday, June 3, 2011

SkyWatch Friday & Farm Girl Friday

~You can take a chance on a horse,
but not on a man.~
~Laura Parker 1898~

Great Basin High Desert
Great Basin High Desert
We were moving pairs up Moon Hill a week ago, and I had turned around to see where we had been, and I thought  this view was gorgeous. It's BLM you think they'd mind if I put a house here?!? I imagine the sunsets are spectacular.

With all the rain we've had, the grasses are growing pretty nicely...we could use more sun though!

Moving Pairs
Moving Pairs
Earlier that day, the rain and hail came down in buckets, the wind blew and now the sun came out like nothing ever happened...of course! The dark clouds ahead of us were from the squall that had just past over us a few minutes before. We were thankful for the sunshine~

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Shirley said...

Wouldn't you just love to go for a gallop across the landscape in the first photo- oh wait, you probably do!

Maia said...

As always, just beautiful.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

Stunning phots!
Thanks so much for sharing.

visiting via Sky Watch Friday.

lisa said...

Beautiful, but I kinda like the view in the second one better! Someone was having fun over in the right of the picture ;)

Mary said...

One the things on my "bucket list" is to actually be involved in the moving and herding on a real working ranch. You're living my dream, how cool is that! Neat pictures. Enjoy our sunshine while it lasts!

Mikey said...

So beautiful up there. If I ever get tired of the heat, that's where I'm going to move. It's picture perfect! Love the wide open spaces. I think it feeds the soul.

Ed said...

Beautiful panarama shot..:-)

wendy said...

The weather has been crazy.
yet...there is something quite spectacularily (did I even spell that right?) beautiful about a storm.
I love the sound of rain.
I love the fresh smell of rain.

Yet...I am longing for some heat and sunshine.

Alana Jo said...

Gorgeous scenery!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!


Allison at Novice Life said...

Beautiful...nothing better than living life from the back of a horse ;)

Sweet Blessings said...

Hi! I just found you over at Farm Chick's blog...and the fact that you were from Eastern Oregon caught my eye since I'm an Eastern Oregon girl too! I Love your blog...and you take amazing photographs :D Don't feel alone, it's just my Mr. and me too and our animals tend to be our babies! We have a small herd and a beef business...where we sell our beef at farmer's markets & some stores... Wishing you a great day!!! Sweet blessings!

HoodPhoto said...


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