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Thursday, June 2, 2011

He's Baaaaaaack~The Big Guy!

~I always find it a thrill to unbutton a cowboy's shirt.~
~Peggy Springs 1899~

Well, it seems Annabelle and EllieMae were welcoming Goof's company after he backed himself out of our trailer yesterday afternoon. Yep, he backed himself out of the trailer...what a good boy! Goof's back for some "workin' time" with our "cowgirls!"

The Big Guy~Goof
Goof the bull

But, before he made his way to the "cowgirls," he had to tear up a sagebrush with his big head! I'm sure glad we don't own a bull...they love to tear things fences and such. I don't know whether he's makin' himself purdy 'n smellin' better or just showin' off!

Bulls Do What Bulls Do
I guess we have plenty of sagebrush...go ahead Goof...kill it!

I took the opportunity to get them all in the same photo for a family portrait. L-R Goof, Annabelle, EllieMae, Black Calf, and Number Three.

The Family Portrait
The Family Portrait

Since Number Three will be bred next year, this will be Goof's last visit (we'll have to lease a different bull). We hope to get another heifer next year to add to the herd. I'd like a heifer out of EllieMae this time. She puts out awfully nice calves.

Enjoy your stay with us Goof! Get 'er done!


Cheyenne said...

Some boy that!!......I`m with you on this one, dont want to own one, nice to see......but?

Dreaming said...

Yup... that sage smell is certainly better than bull#*&$ smell! Bet the girls think so, too.

Crystal said...

hes looking good. Heres hoping for another heifer for you too.

Mikey said...

Goodness he's a handsome fella. The girls gotta love that! I just love how they're put together, all muscles and swagger. What a gorgeous creature.

DarcC said...

By the looks of him, I have no doubt that he'll thoroughly enjoy his stay at the Rough String!

Shirley said...

That's a whole lotta bull! Looks like he's already interested in Annabelle.

lisa said...

Now that is an impressive bull! Have fun girls, oh, you too goof!

Cowgirl Rae said...

~I always find it a thrill to unbutton a cowboy's shirt.~
~Peggy Springs 1899~ too!

Rhonda said...

Hee hee! Man, he IS big. LOL about the sagebrush. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Holy Moly that's a big bull!

Ed said...

I feel sorry for Bell, thats one big bull..:-)

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