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Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter's Here I Guess!

~I listen to myself deep inside sometimes,
and it makes me strong.~
~Carrie Lucas 1878~

I've got so much work to do, I shouldn't be sitting here...but I'm going to blog anyhow!!!

Last weekend...uhhhh...that would be a week ago today...My Man and I, along with Cindy Sue 'n Bella Jo, headed to Central Oregon for the Columbia Circuit Finals Rodeo. We stayed with our good friends and had a great three days away from the ranch...lots of food, laughter and good times.

Three Sisters
Three Sisters, Central Oregon

Mom & the Girls
Yours truly, Cindy Sue & Bella of those rare moments I let My Man have the camera!! ;~)

Evening on the Mountain
Mt. Jefferson, Central Oregon

The rodeo was a great time. We had second row seats with another friend of mine who's daughter is a PeeWee Rodeo princess. They were selling raffle tickets for the NFR...hmmmm...I wonder if I won?!?

Like Father, Like Son
World Champion, Bobby Mote, and his son presented Ol' Glory at the Columbia Circuit Finals Rodeo. This was so cool...they played the song titled Heartland from Pure Country where George Strait's lil' boy does the first was almost a tear jerker!

I've yet to figure out indoor lighting with my camera. This setting is on ISO3200 and as long as things didn't move too fast, it came out OK...but grainy as you can see.

Lil' Buckaroo
This lil' Buckaroo said he wanted to ride the bulls...his mom said she hopes he'll be a roper...only time will tell.

There's been more wild horses captured from the Ochoco National Forest where Dreamsicle resides. Horse number 705 in the photo below is one of them. The wranglers at the Corrals brought a group of geldings in for a photo shoot, luckily I got to be there. This handsome 3 year old is one of 6 captured. I'll post on them all. We sure would like to find adopters ASAP for them.

If you are interested at all, or know of someone who might be, please email. I'll get photos and info out to you.

Mustang Geldings
Recently gathered wild horses awaiting adoption at the Burns Wild Horse Corrals.

Yesterday I finished getting ready for winter...and it arrived in the late afternoon. The yard got the leaves mowed up, all the garden stuff got picked up and stored away, the last of the tank heaters got put in, stalls were readied...and the temps were steadily dropping. Four o'clock it started spittin' snow, but thankfully the winds died down!

I forgot to bring in the picnic table! Anybody want to have a picnic?!?

It's not a huge blizzard or anything, but snow is in the forecast for the next week with temps in the mid 30's for highs and the teens for lows.

Waitin' for Spring
My favorite place to sit in the summer...

I'll be sitting here at my computer getting the December Horsefly ready for the next few days...watching the snow fall...dreaming of next summer when I can sit on my bench under the lilac tree again~


Cheyenne said...

Fantastic stuff! Loved the write up and the pictures. Its also nice to put a face to the photographer!!!

lisa said...

Fantastic pictures and the boss did a good job with the camera! Yes, winter is here for the long haul but it does look pretty for a short period of time. I heard on the news the other day that some rodeo in Canada had a bull jump over the fence into the crowd! No fatalities just a lady that ended up with a broken collar bone and I'm not for sure what else. I think I will stick to the third or fourth row from now on;)

texwisgirl said...

Oh those mustangs are just gorgeous! I hope they go to good homes!

wilsonc said...

Sorry I missed seeing you at the Columbia Circuit Finals. We were in Central Oregon to help my daughter move. I got so tired by Saturday night I could barely make myself eat dinner let alone get out and drive up to Redmond. First year we've missed it in a long long time.

Maia said...

Your doing great. Don't worry about the grainy shots, if I get some time this winter, I'll teach a blog on what to about that. Your doing great. Keep on, keeping on.

Reddunappy said...

OOOO wweeee the weather forcast looks like its getting cold down there!!
Wet wet wet here, maybe, maybe some snow Sun./Mon. down on the valley floor.
Went for a drive up in the hills today, found quite a bit of snow around 1200ft elevation.

Country Whispers said...

Great pictures!
We've not had any snow yet, just a few flurries. We're all kinda waiting on it but the temps. are going to be back in the 50's and 60's the next couple days.
So I guess I'll have to just enjoy your snow pictures for now!

Crystal said...

Looks so nice that snow, not windblown and not even cold! Thems are some prett horses, too bad I cant take one home here Im sure they would fit in nicely:)

Shirley said...

Most of the photos wouldn't show with my slow internet tonight, but the one of you and the dogs did- that Bella Jo got to be a big girl!

Pia said...

Sitting inside in a warm room with the fresh hot morning coffee and viewing these first-snow-photos is really a good start in the sunday for me.
I´m imressed from the 3 sisters panorama.

HBFG said...

What a great collection of photos in this post, I really enjoyed looking at all of them. I love the one with the boy at the rodeo! :)
And then the three sisters... we've been there some years ago with our friends MJ and Toma from Brings back beautiful memories. Thank you! :)

Merri said...

nice shot of the Sister! Our Owyhee mountains might look like that... if we could see them! a snow cloud is hovering over them right now.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

CTG Ponies said...

Love the pics! The mustangs are gorgeous. I'm not ready for snow, though.

Rhonda said...

Looked like a neat rodeo. :) Not quite ready for the winter scenes, but I guess it's that time of year! The snow is pretty anyway.

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