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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Open Wide for the Doctor!

~Keep neat and clean, avoid bad habits, be faithful,
and never take shit from anyone.~
~Rose White 1873~

LOL...that Rose White and I must have been twin sisters in a past life!!!

Last Wednesday, our new mobile veterinarian came out to do some dental work on the horses. Dr. Jessica Rue specializes in equine and nutrition. She did a great job, and the horses really liked her too...even though they got poked and prodded!!

Open Wide Toby!
Open wide Toby!!
The speculum is used to safely keep the horse's mouth open for the procedure. Of course the horse is sedated.

Dr. Jessica Takes the Sharp Points Off
Dr. Jessica takes off the sharp points with an electric drill with special attachments.

Times sure have changed from the ol' hand float!

The most interesting thing was that Gus (my 2 year old gelding) had more sores on his cheeks and tongue than the older horses (from the sharp points). Dr. Jessica said that that is usually the case. Young horses need dental work more often than older horses because of their growth (changes in the mouth) and getting in their permanent teeth.

I knew that Gus was having issues with the snaffle, so I switched him over to the hackamore, but he still was gapping his mouth when I put too much pressure on the hackamore...what was happening is that the hackamore bars were pressing his cheek into the sharp points on his teeth...poor guy!!! Well, he's good to go for another 6 months. We'll have him checked again then.

Toby, Colt, Gus and Whiskey all got worked on. Colt and Toby both had a good equine dentist work on them in the past and it showed in their mouths; they didn't need too much work done. Whiskey had probably only had a hand float job done in his past and he had some pretty bad waves that will take a couple of visits to get straightened out. And Gus just needs to be checked more often because of his age.

I'm Sure Glad the Dentist Gave Me Drugs
What happened to me????
It's good to know that the insides of their mouths are comfortable for them to chew and carry the bit (she put bit seats in). We're very glad to have a qualified equine veterinarian in our area too...we've been lacking that for years!

Welcome to Harney County Dr. Jessica!!


lisa said...

That is the hard part about where I am. It is at least over an hour where the good equine vets are and it is usually pretty expensive to have them come here.

texwisgirl said...

I'm fortunate to have an equine vet here that always makes farm calls with an assistant (saves me from having to help a lot). But they still do the old-fashioned hand float with the curly-bar tool to keep the mouths propped open. But since I don't ride them, I just want them to be able to chew properly so it works fine.

Thanks for the interesting new technology!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I knew your vet when she was in vet school. She had a whole gob of mustangs and a couple quarter horses that she boarded at my sister's barn. Last I heard she lived pretty near my place. Crazy seeing her name here!

GunDiva said...

What is it about the word speculum that makes me uncomfortable? *grin*

There's just something wrong about using powertools in a horse's mouth. It works beautifully, but do you suppose Black and Decker ever thought their tools would be used for horse oral hygiene (or human orthopaedic surgeries?).

I'm glad your horses are all set and have happy mouths.

mj said...

You did a great job of photographing the dental procedure on an equine. I would imagine that to a non-horse person that this could look very invasive, but you did a great job of showing the process. Glad to hear that you have a new and qualified vet in your area now. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that you can rely on your vet.

Shirley said...

That's an interesting speculum; haven;t seen that type before. Nice to know that yo have good vets in you area isn't it?

Crystal said...

how cool you got pictures, i never think to bring my camera with me, but am usually too busy looking to see what hes doing to get any pictures anyways.
Gus sounds like he has the same problem as Razz had, we just couldnt do her teeth cause her being preggers so she got a hackmore for a while and now I just love her in it and she appreciates it more as well.

Merri said...

Poor Gus, not only did he get dentistified, but he now has a mug shot he can totally be blackmailed with!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Linda said...

I think women vets are so much more understanding of us picture taking bloggers;) This reminds me that we need to get teeth done too.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez! That first shot is awesome.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Ain't the new methods waaaay better than the old?

I chronicled Honky's teef procedure here:

Vaquerogirl said...

Lucky indeed to have a qualified vet in your area. We have a good one here too. He's great with the horses and does a fantastic job!
BTW- Seriously? 27 degrees! BRRRRR

CTG Ponies said...

I love that last picture! He looks like he doesn't know what hit him. Glad to hear you have a good vet on hand.

Rhonda said...

Very interesting!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last picture should be on a greeting card....something about being hung over or being sick....get well soon or something. lol!

Never heard of a bit seat before, though. Is it involving removing wolf teeth?

Glad everything went well and you've got a good equine dentist in your area now.


Janice said...

Excellent post, I always miss getting the pics.I also enjoyed youe winters here post. Loved the scenery and rodeo shots.It's too bad we are not allowed to adopt any of those horses....hope they find homes.Stay warm.

wendy said...

That last photo was hysterical. We had a horse fighting his bit too, so we got his teeth checked...floated??(I am still new at this country/horse talk)
Doing better.

Celeste said...

Wow things have gotten mighty sophisticated since my day when you hung onto the tongue out of one side of the horses mouth whilst the other side was filed by hand!
That last photo is a classic! Poor old soul!

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