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Friday, October 15, 2010

New Shoes~Off to Gather & Trail

~How could anyone steal another woman's horse?~
~Louisa Alder 1860~

Colt got a new set of shoes yesterday. I try to limit him to two sets a year, but this is #3 this year. There's still more gathering and trailing cows to do for the neighbors, and it's impossible to do it without shoes.

Checkin' the Fit
Checkin' the Fit

Nailed into Place
Nailing into Place

I've been dinking with my settings and finally got the action to stop with the hammer motion!

Well...I got to get out to catch my trusty cow pony and head down to Diamond...of course I'll take the camera!!  I've got a couple of posts in the works too (Mike Bridges clinic & another wine dinner)...just not enough time!


Sydney_bitless said...

This year has been an exceptionally long nice season. It's also been very dry which is doing a number on the horses hooves/shoes.

Linda said...

I'm at two sets (from the spring) but have to get some tacked on for fall now.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

We don't see much hot shoeing around here. Don't know the advange/disadvantage.

We get shoes on Mater every 8 weeks. The others just get a trim, but Ol' Hank could use fronts. I just don't ride him enough to warrant it.

Rhonda said...

Great pictures! I enjoy watching farriers work. :) Looking forward to your upcoming posts - your's is one of my favorite blogs. :)

Janice said...

I love it when they get new feet. I really should put on set three but I'm think'n we aren't that far away from snow.Love the new header.

Shirley said...

I've been waiting for the Mike Bridges your new header too. You are one busy lady!

lisa said...

Lovely shoes ;) Wine and dinner, mmmm sounds good to me! I like seeing your clinic pictures too!

Susan said...

Our horses are rarely shod anymore. Sadly we just don't do enough long rides where they need shoes. The only time I wish I had shoes on a horse lately is traveling down dirt roads and we try to avoid them. Have fun gathering.

Maia said...

Girl,pretty cool. You just keep getting better and better. Way to go.

wendy said...

I like all the photos on your blog header.
I start horse riding lessons again starting tomorrow...that will be fun

We have some Canadian horses (yes that is the name of the breed) and they have such rock hard solid feet they don't require shoeing.

this is word verification before leaving this comment said.....sessesse....
that is almost like saying

Cheyenne said...

This is really interesting, how everybody`s shoeing periods differ considerably, ours are shod every 6 weeks, right throughout the year.

Crystal said...

cant wait to hear how the clinic went, but in the mean time have fun gathering.

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