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Friday, October 29, 2010

And the Blogiversary Winner Is...

~I don't have any more room on my face for another character line.~
~Amanda Davis 1887~

Hey!!! What fun!! Thanks to everyone who entered the give-away to help me celebrate my two year blogiversary!!!

A very special thanks to Heart of a Cowgirl for her generosity in helping me with this give-away...she's got some awesome stuff doesn't she?!?

I put all the entries into a spreadsheet...a total of 56...

Then I went over to and used their nifty lil' "True Random Number Generator" and in two seconds I had a winner!!!

And it is Luck Number 13!!!

Now that's spooky!

Rhandir...that's you!!! Congratulations!!! Looks like you're gonna get to have that Lapis Running Horse Bracelet that you like!!  Send me an email to gtyyup at, and I'll let you know how you can redeem your $25 gift certificate with Heart of a Cowgirl!!

Thanks again to everyone...I sure wish I could make you all winners today...maybe I'll win the lottery...and I'll share!!

Happy Friday and have a great Halloween weekend!!


Janice said...

Hey I was hoping that Random thing would randomly work in my favor but oh well congrats to Rhandir. Isn't it nice to see the end result of your hard work, that looks like beautiful hay. Poor little calves, I know that's the deal but it is hard to see the critters you have seen everyday growing and getting personalities go down the road....sigh.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Congratulations Rhandir !!! "How Fun"

Thank you Gtyyup, I think anyone who visits you blog feels like a winner !!!

Amy said...

thanks for stopping by Valerie's blog. I am going to pay your little dog friends a visit right now.

Crystal said...

congrats Rhandir! Her jewellry is so pretty! I guess I may have to order what I wanted.

lisa said...

That is just great, congrats, Rhandir!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hey Karen ~ glad I could be a part of your Blog Anniversary fun. I'll be waiting for Rhandir to contact me about redeeming their gift certificate. :)

gowestferalwoman said...

Congrats on two years, Gtyyup!

Congrats to Rhandir!

Congrats to "heart of a cowgirl," because I like her stuff and I feel a christmas order coming on...!


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